Sunday, April 30, 2017


Wooooow! This post proves that I am indeed a hoarder! I pretty much deny that fact to myself but after I have listed my book haul in my Bullet Journal and see that huge number of bought books, I knew at some point I have to accept how much of a hoarder I am. But well, I am absolutely happy buying books so who cares really if I 'm a hoarder? (Answer: My dad. My dad cares because we got no space left in the house because of my books)

Here's the whooping total of 38 books I got for the month of April. (Two books aren't pictured because I completely zoned out and forgot about them)

*I actually blogged about this set over HERE so you might wanna check that one out*

*I also blogged about these amazing #RomanceClass books HERE so go visit the link!

- The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich
- That Thing We Call a Heart by Sheba Karim
- The Secret History of Us by Jessi Kirby
- Dark Breaks the Dawn (Untitled Duology #1) by Sara B. Larson
- Keys to the City by Lisa Schroeder

The Hunger Games and The Red Pyramid I blogged about HERE.
Purple Alice, Twilight Graphic Novel 2 and The Host I blogged about HERE.
- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter #7) by J.K. Rowling
- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter #5) by J.K. Rowling

Whew! What a haulllll? I scored most of these from bargain stores and I saved a ton of money compared to brand new prices. Let's see how May goes!

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How may books did you get and how was your month?

Saturday, April 29, 2017


Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews that showcases newly acquired books or goodies we bought, received or borrowed during the week.
Hello, everyone! It's been a while since I posted a haul on the blog! Aside from I've been extremely busy with work, I was also a little bit lazy to take photos. This January, I posted my haul at the end of the month so I thought of just posting on a monthly basis but I missed February and March! The photos are ready now but I might just post them next month.

So today's post isn't actually for April (ha! You thought wrong!) but my haul for the last 3 days. I went to 3 separate Book Sale Stores (local book shop that sells used books) on three separate instances and I was able to score amazing titles! If you have been following me on IG and Twitter (one, two, three), you would have an idea what sets of books I found and bought!

Here's what I have accumulated for the past 3 days! These are amazingly cheap by the way.

Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland
L.A. Candy (L.A. Candy #1) by Lauren Conrad
Shades of Doon (Doon #3) by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon

Adaptation (Adaptation #1) by Malinda Lo
Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson
Out of Sight, Out of Time (Gallagher Girls #5) by Ally Carter
Homesick by Kate Klise

Wanted (Pretty Little Liars, #8) by Sara Shepard
Twisted (Pretty Little Liars #9) by Sara Shepard
Ruthless (Pretty Little Liars, #10) by Sara Shepard
Starstruck (Starstruck #1) by Rachel Shukert
The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide (Twilight ) by Stephenie Meyer

Most of these books are priced between 80php-90-php (less than 2$) and the most expensive is the Illustrated Guide at 230php (less than 6$). I was skeptical in getting the Illustrated Guide because this copy is published by Atom and all my Twilight hardcovers are by MT Books so there's this height issue here. But I guess I am okay with it for the mean time HAHA. Also, I was really not planning to get the PLL books because the series is too long BUT these copies are 80php only and they look brand new! AND I SHOULDN'T REALLY BE SPENDING MONEY ON BOOKS BECAUSE ACOWAR IS FOR SURE HELLA EXPENSIVE BUT WHO COULD SIMPLY RESIST? I obv and def couldn't because ughhhhh bargain prices are my weakness!

Could you seriously resist book sales?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Sorry it took me a while to participate! It also took me awhile to film and basically decide how am I gonna do it. I am 384738975893% uncomfortable posting this but for the love of books and public libraries, here's my entry to National Bookstore's #ReadOutloudChallenge :) It isn't every day that we're given such an opportunity to help out make something THIS big so I have swallowed fear, discomfort and awkwardness so I can do my part! Talk about getting out of my comfort zone! It looks easy but it isn't really haha! I was nervous the entire time I think my tongue froze.

I read from Tahereh Mafi's Ignite Me:
"No gun, no sword, no army or king will ever be more powerful than a sentence. Swords may cut and kill, but words will stab and stay, burying themselves in our bones to become corpses we carry into the future, all the time digging and failing to rip their skeletons from our flesh."
Thank you for tagging me, Dawn! I've tagged Kai of Amaterasu Reads, Lyra of Defiantly Deviant and Hazel of Stay Bookish!

Thank you NBS for all that you do!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


*I drafted this last night*

I literally just got home from Scholastic Warehouse Sale and damn son, I am the epitome of sticky sweat right now. It's summer (feels like all year long though) here in the Philippines so the heat and humidity are *gaaaaaad* almost unbearable. Imagine walking to the bus station  (well, I rode a van at the bus station) at 3:45 in the afternoon with 41°C heat index and 736261719915251% humidity, that leaves you with such nasty attitude. I mean, it's fucking hot. So yeah, arrived at the warehouse after around 45 minutes.

Seeing the room jam-packed with people is a view I have anticipated. Who would pass up the chance to hoard from a "book buffet" table for only 799php (9$) right? I can get books from the "buffet table" as long as the books do not overflow from the box. But hold your horses, that isn't what happened. Apparently, I can only get from the table full of children's books and not from the shelves with YA. Okay, fine, I don't mind. But the shelves are bareeeeeee!!! I mean, there are YA books in there but 97% of them are YAs I never heard of and are paperbacks (lucky you paperback collectors, this sale is for you! Drop everything and go there right away). As a hardbound collector perspirating 3738262181 miles per second, I am starting to get ticked off. So okay, again, probably they wouldn't display the nice ones today since it's just the first day of a month long sale.

So I tried searching for the titles I really came there for. I have been holding off purchasing my hardcover set of Harry Potter thinking I could get it there way cheaper. (Scholastic published HP, they should have it there, right?) So after like 20 steps, I was able to literally inspect the shelves and I saw HP1 3 and 4! Yaaaay! But wait for eeeeeeet!! THEY ARE ONLY ON 10 FUCKING PERCENT OFF!! LIKE, UGH WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO MEEEEE! I didn't get them. I can but I won't because I am stingy like that haha, or practical? Because I could get them cheaper from online stores selling pre-loved copies IN A VERY MINT CONDITION compared to what they sell at the warehouse. I was fuming and legit, my irritation and disappointment started showing!

So I asked the people there. They told me like, a few years back they did sell HP sets in bargain price (ughhh where was I). Okay fiiiiiiine, I was trying to tell myself calm the fuck down, Kate. I tried again to search for the second book I came there for but they don't fucking have it either!! I mean, Scholastic published The Hunger Games so why aren't they selling it? At this moment, I admitted to myself that I was cheated on. HAHAHA sorry but bruh, I expected so much haha! So I settled for a battered copy of The Red Pyramid at 25% off price just so I have something to go home with.

Someone came out of the office and was kind of manning the staff. I asked him if they have atleast The Hunger Games. I was told they don't have yet but they will replinish the stocks the next day. So I asked him politely if they atleast have one available because I came all the way from Makati just for it. He went back inside for me and gave me a copy. He wasn't supposed to display it but I guess he wanted to make me happy so he did it for me. I mean, guyyyys, that's one of the best customer service ever! My shitty trip to the sale became worth it because of what he did for me! So thank you ever so SO much, Ezekiel of Scholastic Philippines! I truly appreciate what you've done for me today! THANK YOU!!!

I can't promise that I'd be back there this season but I was assured that they will keep displaying newer titles and replenish stocks every day! Overall experience: 4 over 10 (to justify this, I collect hardbound books and this is just me guys! I might have just gone to the sale on the wrong day!) Overall customer service received: 11 over 10.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


I said this before and I will say it again, took me a while to join the #RomanceClass fandom because of reasons. I've read a few in the past that I didn't click with and I've had a few mishaps with some of the authors. I was too afraid that I won't be supporting them ENOUGH if I didn't like the books and all those other reasonings. Luckily, Sab (from Sab, The Book Eater) was reading one of the #RomanceClass books a few months back and that gut-feeling just took over me. I went and grabbed my very first #RomanceClass book (The Boyfriend Backtrack by Dawn Lanuza) and I loved it! The hoarding started and I just couldn't stop. If you check my February reads, they're all RC books (some are low ratings though) and the rest is history! I still have a few more left to read then I will hoard some more.

Because of this new found love for RC books, I attended the #NBSFeelsCafe event last February 18th at Shangrila Mall in Mandaluyong (I KNOW I'M SO LATE)

I've had so many firsts that day. It was my first time attending an RC (please read it as R-C :p) event, first time to go our with my eyebrows on fleek (color too dark tho haha), first time in Shang, first time in meeting the lovely authors, first time watching Chad film his IG Stories series: #ChadTV and first time to listen/watch a live reading! It was so thrilling!

The ambiance was so warm and cozy plus it smells coffee in there. Aaaaaah. Books and coffee are the best combo ever. Stage setup was so perfect for the event and Valentine's mood. Everything was so SO lovely.

I saw friends: Chad, JB both from NBS, Sab of Sab, The Book Eater, Miss Mina Esguerra, Miss Kate Evangelista, Dianne of Oops, I Read a Book Again!, Gela and I finally met Bianca of The Ultimate Fangirl and Dawn Lanuza! (!!!!!!!) These ladies are even more gorgeous and amazing in person! I also saw Jenni of Rurouni Jenni Reads again! The RC authors are very welcoming but gaaahd, I was too shy to say hello to them! Maybe next time, I won't be a stranger anymore haha!

Then the live reading! So much feels, guys! And goosebumps! And love! And admiration and respect! It was beautiful.

**Unfortunately, I couldn't upload the live reading videos. They are absolutely shake-y. Ughhhh! Sorry! I'd try to use a tripod next time!**

This event is a proof that we have very talented authors locally and that the Romance Class community is such a welcoming group I want to be a part of. This experience is extremely amazing and I want more!!

Thank you National Bookstore and Romance Class for hosting such lovely event! I cannot wait to attend the next one in April! #RomanceClass for the win!

Friday, April 14, 2017


Hello, all! How are you doing? Just dropping by again to say a few things. I am currently on social media fasting on both my personal Facebook account (which is currently deactivated until further notice) and on Twitter (just until next week). I got some free time yesterday and today so I decided to tweak stuff on the blog. I was aiming for a palette that is still pinkish but not so bright. One that is similar to a rose gold but without the shine? LOL. The last theme was inspired by watercolor and I loved it but I just wanted to have a simpler page now. The header is made from a font I got online but I think this one is the closest to my calligraphy so I am absolutely satisfied with it. I am happy with how flat the blog looks! I kept the same formatting though.

There are also a few reviews lined up next week so watch out for them! Thank you and talk later!
New button!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Title: Literally
Author: Lucy Keating
Series: Standalone
Edition: Paperback
Publication: April 11th 2017 by HarperTeen
Source: ARC provided by the publisher
Pages: 256
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Fantasy

A girl realizes her life is being written for her in this unique, smart love story that is Stranger Than Fiction for fans of Stephanie Perkins.

Annabelle’s life has always been Perfect with a capital P. Then bestselling young adult author Lucy Keating announces that she’s writing a new novel—and Annabelle is the heroine.

It turns out, Annabelle is a character that Lucy Keating created. And Lucy has a plan for her.

But Annabelle doesn’t want to live a life where everything she does is already plotted out. Will she find a way to write her own story—or will Lucy Keating have the last word?

The real Lucy Keating’s delightful contemporary romance blurs the line between reality and fiction, and is the perfect follow-up for readers who loved her debut Dreamology, which SLJ called, “a sweet, quirky romance with appealing characters.


Been on a reading slump these past several weeks that I just cannot get into anything that I read. I was not really into any contemporary but I decided against it so I picked up Literally. This was my first Lucy Keating book and was excited to start it. Now I have mixed feelings.

Annabelle's life is perfect until one day, everything in her world starts to shatter. Her parents announced they are separating and they are selling their home. It shocks her when author Lucy Keating visits their school and told her class she's writing a new book which sounded so much alike AB's life. AB's even more shocked when Lucy confirms she's a fictional character in Lucy's book.

Bulleted thoughts/Questions:

  • Well. There are a lot of inconsistencies in the story which irk me so much.
  • How Ava easily believed her when she told her she thinks they are all a fictional character, meaning she doubted their existence?
  • AB is a bit girl-hating
  • She has OCD but nowhere in the book it was acknowledged?
  • Ava is against the sidekick trope but... she's just a sidekick all throughout the story
  • Will was just too fucking perfect
  • Wait - is this paranormal or fantasy? HAHA because I couldn't really tell
  • If Lucy acts God and they hated it, then why did AB act God-like at the end?
  • How did they fight the author?
  • Logistics of this? Is Lucy continuously writing? Thinking? Drafting?
  • I don't mind the love triangle in this story because I think it's cute
  • Elliot is a douche though.
  • How can the author not know anything in the bathroom?
  • Will knowing he's a fictional character is awkward
  • Good concept though but I felt like there are a lot of areas in need of improvement/development
  • I didn't get anything from the story? Like, what did I just read, really?
  • Graduation speech was so lame
  • This is a two-star rating for me but slated it to three because can we just talk about Elliot for one minute please? 

Literally is another hit or miss type of story. If it wasn't for the intriguing bookish plot (and Elliot), I don't know if I would have even finished this. It's something that doesn't stick well and somethiing I wouldn't talk about much either.

Thank you, Harpercollins International Sales for the ARC!

"I think you have to try your best to find your best self, and the person who makes you your best self."
"I don't do this because it was my plan; it was my plan because I love it. But I'm determined no to stick to it too closely. I have no idea what surprises the future will hold. Now my plan is to follow my dreams. My plan is to surprise myself, and write my own story. I hope, whatever age you are, each one of you chooses to do the same"

Saturday, April 1, 2017


It is officially summer! Woohoo! Hello, stunning beaches! Hello, fresh laundry! Fuck off humidity and too much heat! (Dunno why I always rant about the weather in my Release Picks posts! Oh, well!) I only have three picks this month but I am not sure if I would be able to get copies right away. But I am stoked, nonetheless!

I have an eARC of Upside and currently reading it! So far, so perfect!
What are you currently anticipating that hit shelves this month?
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