Monday, March 13, 2017


Title: Blood of Wonderland
Author: Colleen Oakes
Series: Queen of Hearts Saga #2
Edition: Paperback
Publication: January 31st 2017 by HarperTeen
Source: Gifted ARC
Pages: 336
Genre: Alice in Wonderland, Retelling, Fantasy

The queen will rise.

Dinah has been exiled from Wonderland. The vicious father she always feared has framed her for the brutal murder of her brother and turned the kingdom against her.

Now hiding in the lush and mysterious Twisted Wood with only her war steed at her side, Dinah is faced with a choice. She could leave Wonderland forever or return and fight her father for her throne—a fight she knows would only result in bloodshed.

When a chance encounter with one of her father’s long-lost enemies brings Dinah more allies than she ever could have imagined, war starts to feel inevitable. But before Dinah can lead her people into combat, she must confront certain truths about her heart and her destiny—no matter how dark those truths may be.

Revolution is rising in Wonderland.

Dinah’s battle has begun.


Blood of Wonderland is one of my most anticipated releases this year and it is also my second one for 2017. I love Queen of Hearts and any other Alice in Wonderland retelling. Splintered set the bar quite high but this series didn't disappoint.

Blood of Wonderland took of right where Queen of Wonderland finishes. Dinah is running for her life after she was setup by her father and she ends up in a magical forest. Then she gets helped by a Spade. She's training and meets up with this character who reveals such mind-blowing secrets I really could wrap anything into.

Dinah is not the type of character you usually see in books. I loved that fact that she's described as plain because plain is beautiful. It is seldom that I encounter main characters that are not described as you know, magazine models. And her development is amazing to watch. She developed on her own which proves we don't need a man to be the best versions of ourselves.

Oakes owned this retelling by twisting the characters using her voice and it is really a fascinating thing to be able to point out the author's tone in all this. The consistency of the story is fluid and the plot twist is just insane! And the romance? AFTER I READ IT, I HEARD MY HEART SHATTER ON THE FLOOR. Like, I was kind of expecting it but damn, man! The ache was real!

Blood of Wonderland is a sequel time worthy. It's so gritty it makes Alice retellings even more fantastic!

Thank you JB for the ARC!

"I am the Queen of Hearts, she thought, and I will take my throne."

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