Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Isn't it the hardest? To say goodbye to things you love? To let go of all the good things? To not see the only thing that makes you feel alive?

I didn't see this coming and even if I did, I would've never been prepared enough to say goodbye. But I gotta let go. And today I am saying this: goodbye Powerbooks, Greenbelt 4 Branch. Goodbye, my old friend. Farewell, my love.

Next to Bestsellers, Galleria Branch, this is (was?) the next store under the National Bookstore's umbrella that I truly loved. It was huge, fully stocked (as opposed to other branches) and my go-to place whenever. Well, it's one of my happy places. (Was?) in and out of this store for as long as I can remember and what made it hold a special spot in my heart is because it's the place where I've realized most of my bookish dreams (meeting SJM, LBARDUGO, COHO, ELOCKHART) and gained so SO much friends.

This is (was?) where I attended my first book signing (ANÖEL) and first Blogger's Forum (TMAFI) - an event which like affirmed me as a legit Book Blogger (thank you! The feeling just never gets old!). Here, I met and became friends with the bloggers I look up to. Where we shared so much memories. The place where I talked and listened to a lot of fantastic authors. Where I learned so many things and acquired so many books. A place I called home for the past four years. My heart broke when I learned they were closing and lamented over MY loss.

This branch opened up a lot of doors for me not only as a reader but as a book blogger. I may have not given justice to the store in these photos (most of these are from the second floor) but I will definitely miss this huge place (with cafe inside and smoking area) and will long for the moments I've had in it.

Thank you for all the love, Powerbooks Store, Greenbelt 4 Branch! I will treasure our memories forever! Thank you, National Bookstore for sharing this branch with us! #clingy

What's THE book store you won't be able to part with? Like your most absolute favorite?

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