Monday, December 26, 2016


Did the title catch your attention? Read on to know who's the luck girl!

My v/blogger friends Dianne from Oops, I Read a Book Again!, Sab from Sab The Book Eater and Salve from Cuckoo For Books have been tweeting/instagramming about #RomanceClass for quite some time now. Not that I am ignoring them, I just couldn't find it in my heart to attend events because a) ADULTING IS FUCKING MY SOCIAL LIFE b) I am so skeptical, initimidated and afraid that I might not enjoy the books *again* c) I want to promote Filipino Authors but I don't have the confidence in me yet because I tried some novels in the past but I didn't like them one bit. Promoting something I love is my thing so it has been true hard to be involved in something I don't tuly enjoy. I don't want that to happen again so I just watched and envied from afar.

These past couple of weeks though, Sab was reading something and her Goodreads updates really caught my heart. I've eluded these books because I was just too afraid to be disappointed again but I felt like it's time, I told myself I will give it one more push. Then the hunt started. I was aiming to get Dawn Lanuza's books because there's this weird thug in my gut that tells me it is going to be THE book! Her books sell out pretty fast but good thing I snagged the last one left in National Bookstore Glorietta 1 branch and KAAAABOOM I WAS SO FREAKING HAPPY MY CHEEKS HURT FROM SMILING TOO MUCH

I read it the next day and MY GAAAADDDDDD! I HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS RIGHT IN MY LIFE!! I LOVED IT SO SO MUCH I AM OBSESSED! I knew it, I knew damn well this is the correct door for me. So definitely watch out for my review - I am just cracking my knuckles, doing some stretching and waiting for all the words to come so I can post it.

After reading The Boyfriend Backtrack, I immediately requested for What About Today. I've finished reading it and what do you know? I ENJOYED THIS ONE VERY MUCH, TOO. My review will be up soon but just to give you an idea, this has a Jennifer E. Smith feel to it. Cute story happened in just a short span of time and what I liked most about this one? Friendship development! Okay I will stop now am sorry~~ *zips mouth*

I practically fell in love with Dawn's writing. (Her writing is the lucky girl!) It's the perfect timing for me to have devoured her writing because this is the one I am looking for right now and I feel like Dawn wrote TBB for me (weird I know but I also know you get that feeling sometimes when you really really connected to a character/story). I NEEDED THIS. Her writing has the perfect blend of everything I enjoy: romance, humor, heartache, joy (and the right amount of sexy! HELLO, CHASEEEEEE!). Her books opened this amazing door for me and introduced me to other Filipino NA/YA Authors I would never dare read because of *my* fear (it's not them okay IT IS ME ME ME). Dawn is now officially added to my Auto-Buy Authors and thank you Dawn for being approachable, kind and accommodating! Thank you for your words! Know that your stories bring colors to such dull life!

I am absolutely thrilled to start reading and hoarding more books from Filipino Romance Class Authors. Currently looking forward to buying books of Jay E. Tria, Claire Du (HELLO MY DEAR FRIEND *waves*), Six Delos Reyes and Carla De Guzman among others.

This is going to be a fantastic journey, I know it.

#romanceclass for the win!


  1. Omg same Kate. I was also hesitant to read books by Filipino authors before since most of the local books I've read, I end up not liking them. But thanks to The Boyfriend Backtrack, I fell in love with Dawn's writing. After I read TBB, I bought her books (on kindle format only though because I'm broke af) and binge read them. And now I am trying to branch out and read other books by the #romanceclass.

    Alyssa @ Diary of a Book Maniac


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