Monday, November 7, 2016


So 16 hours after the event, my legs are still noodles and my shoulders still hurt but my heart is happy. I missed my blogger friends so much I wish I had seen them all yesterday but most of them are busy they couldn't attend. Thankfully, Louisse, Hazel and Lyra attended the event and it was all I could hope for. It has been a while since I went to a public signing and true, it was legit tiring but you know, nothing could top off the screaming and enthusiasm of fans! Just worth all the blood and pain haha

Just like what I told Hazel, Fallen series is one of the first novels that introduced me to Young Adult that's why my love for it just never dwindles. Imagine meeting the love of your life but when you kiss her, she dies? Then you meet each other again after seventeen years? Then this time, when she dies, that's it? LIKE WTAF? My faves are Fallen and Rapture because I think the essense of the entire series are in there. I have been trying to find hardbounds of these but the only ones I saw are in a boxed sets. I want them all in hardbound, you guys.

I arrived in Greenbelt 5 around 12 noon and I was 228 in line. So we went around first, ate lunch then waited. I wasn't there when Lauren and Harrison arrived but the Q and A was happening. Harrison Gilbertson looked short from afar but when I stood next to him, I think he's around 5'9"! Oh and he's soooo good looking you guys! HAHA! I never heard of him actually but when he was waving hello, I couldn't help but giggle! He's sooooo nice! (AND SOFT)

I was only able to get three of my books signed: Fallen in Love, Torment and Unforgiven because I don't have Fallen, Passion and Rapture in hardbound (also because only three books are allowed). So yeah, I have no issues waiting for like, three or four hours to get to meet Lauren but I was legit disheartened when it was my moment, right there, in front of her. She was absolutely tired AF and didn't have the energy to talk. She sounded condescending in a way, like, she didn't wanna talk at all? I DUNNO MAN AM SORRY BUT SHE SOUNDED SARCASTIC LOL. I didn't ask her what I've been wanting to anymore because I felt like she just wanted to get the signing over with. (Now I am actually wondering how Victoria Aveyard did it for 1k fans). I waited for this moment, to meet Lauren, since that time I fell in love with Fallen which was around 2012. I am thankful forever to National Bookstore for bringing her here. But it wasn't what I hoped it would be. It felt like Colleen Hoover Encounter again but worst.

I'm still grateful though that I was able to have the opportunity to meet her and I will forever treasure the experience. I cannot wait to re-read Fallen series! Fallen and Rapture are my top faves! (I said that, right?)

"What if the person you were meant to be with could never be yours?" - Fallen

"I want you to know that I would do it all again. I will choose you every time." - Rapture

Thank you National Bookstore, Lauren, Harrison, Pioneer Films, Greenbelt and Penguin!

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