Thursday, October 27, 2016


Start rant. Commitment is one of the things I value most. I've made my share of humiliation in the past for being irresponsible and it is not a nice thing to feel. I may say I've learned from the past mistakes. What is it's connection to Nevernight Tour you ask. Well, this tour has taught me to reevaluate my commitment because that's a major reason why this tour may or may have not been successful. To be direct, this tour was actually a disaster.

It is quite disappointing it turned out to be like this. I carefully picked the participants knowing and trusting they are all mature enough to commit to what they signed for. I shouldn't have relied so much to huge following. Lesson learned. Come Nevernight Book 2, if I am given another chance to tour it, rest assured that it won't be like this one. And I am so sorry for not pushing through it hard enough. End rant.

This blog tour is now officially over. It may be a disaster but I definitely learned a lot from this experience. Thank you all so so much to the lovely bloggers who participated in this mini-blog tour! Without your continued support, this wouldn't have been possible to begin with. Thank you Harper Voyager UK for providing the review copies and to Jay, thank you for writing this wonderful piece of art and for sending over THE gifts for us! I truly appreciate it and my heart is just about to explode from too much happiness. Thank you, thank you! Your support means everything to me.

Sharing all these glowing reviews from our lovely participants!
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"All in all, Nevernight is a fantastic way to introduce a new fantasy series to everyone. Saying it’s action-packed and straightforward is an understatement, and it obviously lives up to it’s hype. Definitely a must-read for (adult) lovers of the fantasy genre. This might just be one of the best Fantasy books of 2016!" - JM

"...I would recommend you read Nevernight in all of the glory it contains. Not only would you expect blood, but you will expect something different. Mia Corvere is not your typical YA heroine, and Nevernight is not your typical book with similar fantasy plots. Give this book a try, and you might get that #stabstabstab vibe, too." - Bianca

"From the synopsis itself, I already knew it’s going to be dark, but damn! It’s nothing compared to the book itself. There are themes of violence, death, and sex present in the book so I understand if readers become a little wary but I really do recommend this book!" - Inah

"I don’t know, this book just completely blew my mind. I went to Nevernight not giving it much thought, but after closing the book, I am an official Jay Krisotff fan! This book is just what fantasy novels should be like! I still really don’t get why some people disliked this book, because I love it so much. Days after reading this, I still find my thoughts going back to what happened in the novel. Ugh, I need the next book, and I can’t stand the fact that I have to wait so long for it!!!!!" - Kim

"All in all, I do understand why some people didn't like Nevernight, but hey, between you and me, give the book a shot. Read it until you get the writing, and then allow the story to engulf you. You won't regret it." - Lyra

"All in all, Nevernight is a very nice choice of book for someone who doesn't know just what to read to get out of a reading slump. Maybe that's just me, but high fantasy has always been my go-to genre when I can't choose what to read. This is a great beginning to a new YA fantasy series, and I'm surely looking forward to reading the next!" - Kazhy

Thank you every so much bloggers, Harper Voyager UK and Jay Kristoff! You all rock!

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