Monday, October 31, 2016


Bad news and good news. Bad news is I only read two books this month, Illuminae re-read and Gemina. After that, nada. I tried picking up other fluffy reads but you know how reading slumps go - it's ridiculous. So I didn't force myself anymore. Good news is, I've been busy again with my Bullet Journal and I'm happy how I've been consistent this time!

Here are my IG Stories snippets during my reads. Gaaaaah, I love this series so damn much I want acquire all editions!


Blog activities recap list:
October 19 - GEMINA review
October 31 - October Wrap-up!

Aside from there is nothing else to choose from, I don't think anything can contend to this title. My love for this series is endless I swear ~~~

October Book of the Month is Gemina by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman, Illustration by Marie Lu
"Gemina is highly thrilling and full of abhorrent creatures that would keep you awake at night. Brilliant as ever and full of plot twists you wouldn't see coming (AKA MIND SHATTERING), Gemina proves equal to the magnificence of its predecessor. Legit hands down one of the best sci-fi series to ever hit shelves." - Gemina

Holidays are here!


  1. I think I seriously need to read Illuminae once hell month is over. All the love for these books make me really curious!


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