Wednesday, July 13, 2016


This feature is new here on the blog (there might be others out there though) which is a combination of bookstagram/bookphotography/photography. Not that I travel a lot but that's the goal and I am in no way a professional photog but here I will share the bookish photos I took during my travels!

Taken from Palm Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas.
It was during our company summer outing (May) where I gained hideous arm tan lines by taking photos!

Taken from Taoist Temple, Beverly Hills, Cebu City.
I legit didn't know we have our local Beverly Hills!

Taken from Chocolate Hills, Bohol.
The hills were too dry and could use all our sweat!
I wasn't entire impressed with what I saw and what I did to get the 'best' view (UGH STAIRS!)
I am still grateful I was able to visit it!

Take from the Habitat (Butterfly Garden), Bohol.
This is such a perfect place for photo ops!

Take from Man-made Forest, Bohol.
Again, another awesome place for photo ops.
I don't want to leave the place and so Twilight-y!

Last three photos where all taken in Cebu during the island hopping!
It was so fun feeding the fishies and I ate sea urchin (ulk)!

Most of you are abroad so let us see those wonderful places!


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