Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Happy June 1st! So excited to start a new month because books are gonna flood this month. Also, it is back to school month here in the Philippines and oh gosh how I wish I could go back to school and never leave. I hate adulting! *I bet you do, too!* This month I am going to try to catch up on reading and reviewing. I will also be devoting time to practice photography and brush calligraphy! I am absolutely thrilled! AND THE BEST PART IS, SUMMER IS OVER! YUUUSS TO COLD WEATHER~~

Here are the books I am looking forward to this month. I mostly have the eARC/ARC and cannot wait to start reading!

What titles are you looking forward to getting this month?


  1. I'm excited for Paula Weston's BURN, Eileen Cook's WITH MALICE, Elizabeth May's THE VANISHING THRONE and Kiersten White's AND I DARKEN!! There's so many books coming out this month, especially next week!! :)


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