Thursday, February 11, 2016


Hi, guys! Just dropping by today to officially say that we've tweaked the blog's theme! Polaris and I started this probably a week ago and I think Polaris should get 100% credit. This person Photoshop-ed everything from scratch -- I was just there to oversee the details (and applied the changes to the blog)! You wouldn't believe we almost fought because of 3 pixels! HAHAHA that's how ridiculously OC I am but look at the blog -- GUUUUYSSS IT IS STUNNING! So thank you, Polaris for all the hard work and patience with me. You did a wonderful and superb job!

After a little over 2 years, I was also able to get the blog button working! Thanks, Miles! I AM SO FRIGGIN HAPPY! (I am going to edit everything to this new format! Good luck with that! :))

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