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Bare with me people. Here I am again with the never curing fever for this book. Why I am so freaking in love with Cynthia Hand's The Last Time We Say Goodbye? Well, there are a ton of reasons why so I thought of listing them here. I could not pimp this book hard enough and if only I am like a billionaire or something, I'll buy all the copies and send them to everyone. But unfortunately, social media is the only tool I have at the moment to spread my love for this amazing book. I hope this one convinces you enough to grab a copy and run over to the grocery to purchase ten boxes of Kleenex -- BECAUSE YOU'LL NEED IT.

5. These reviews said so much I couldn't say. They found the prefect words.

"The Last Time We Say Goodbye is a beautiful, emotional, thought provoking story that will move it's readers in unexpected ways. You can't read this book, and not be changed by some part of it. There's something within this story that will resonate with each of it's readers, and it won't leave them same after they finish it.  This is Cynthia Hand's best book yet!"
"A simple, emotional tribute to those who leave us all too soon. And a small reassurance to the rest of us that we're not alone in our sorrow."

Shady Boots (My fave!)
"I don't know what it is about Cynthia Hand, but I've felt it ever since I finished her wonderful Unearthly series. She has this uncanny ability to make me feel so much for the characters she creates. She's able to deal with dark topics like death in an emotional way while still adding a certain lighthearted charm to it. There's no way of me saying this without sounding cheesy as fuck but there's a certain quality to her writing that's just so goddamn lovable and warm, at least to me. The way she depicted grief in this book really struck me. Even though I've never experienced that deep of a loss myself--at least not yet--I still felt for Alexis. I still could relate to her because she saw the logic in everything, and she was strong but still vulnerable at the same time."

4. Minimalist cover (for me atleast).

The cover at first glance, is something you would not double take on. True, it is plain compared to the crownish/gownish/leterrish covers we see lately. However, the simplicity of this one spoke so much to me, like, how it could probably connects to the story or what lies beneath it. It kept me asking what is this books about (I don't normally read synopsis to avoid spoilers) and then all feels drained me down. This cover, this simple cover is actually one of the highlights of the story. SO I WILL STOP TAKING ABOUT THIS COVER BECAUSE I MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO STOP and also have you seen the Aussie paperback edition omg it is so puuurteeeey

My TLTWSG collection. I have an eARC and incoming Aussie ED Paperback. Need to hunt down a US pb!

3. It is by Cynthia "The Heartbreaker" Hand.

I've said it before and I believe a lot of bloggers could attest to this, Cynthia Hand is an expert when it comes to elaborating stories about grief. Well, grief isn't a nice feeling but she wraps it in her stories in a way that punches you straight in the heart One-Punch Man style. There's magic in between her words and ALL THE FEELS will just get to you at the right moments. Her words aren't forced and are all one hundred percent relatable. Truly, Kleneex will be your best friend during the course of reading TLTWSG.

2. Those heart-warming lessons.

TLTWSG taught me so much. It made me ponder on so many things in my life that I usually take for granted. Well I think most books under this theme implore to be a little sensitive and observant with people around us. It makes me want to say sorry to everyone I took for granted and to those special people I no longer give time to. Indeed, life is happening for all of us but if we just take a moment to look around us, we'll notice these small yearnings from others that they need us. Aside from that, this book taught me to not beat myself up anymore. I've experienced guilt a hundred times over on different levels and most of the time, it eats me. After reading TLTWSG, I learned somehow to let go, forgive myself and accept that there are certain things - no matter how futile for us - that we just can't change no matter what we do. After that, after I learned to embrace that life can sometimes fuck me over, that we can't always control things, I started feeling okay with myself.

My favorite quote:
"Don’t cry any more tears over me, Ash. I’m not worth it. But I want you to know, in case I ever do give you this letter and you read it first before you burn it or something, that for just a little while, you made me feel like I was really alive. Like I was special. Thanks for that. Thanks for picking me to be the one who got to stand in your sunshine for a while. I’ll carry that around with me for the rest of my life—that you saw enough good in me that you wanted to hold my hand and kiss me and smile at me like I was the only guy. Be happy."

1. It is a book that would help and push you to "LET GO".

This book not only left my heart bruised but truly, the feels on this one is SO MUCH I could hardly breathe. If you are feeling terrible and just been accustomed to keeping it all in.. well, I think this book is the one you need to loosen up all the bottled emotions IN there. Seriously. Try it and see for yourself. It helps so much in relating to other's struggles and in a way it helps to free us from anything we've been suppressing. Well, that's what it did to me.

What book changed you or impacted you the most? Like one book that is hands down your all time fave (except Harry Potter)? Let me know!

Thank you so much, HarperCollins International, Epic Reads, National Bookstore (for the discounted hardcover), Martin Szyndler for my incoming AU Paperback copy (WOOOOHOOOOO!) and Kai of Amaterasu Reads for the printed ARC.



  1. Oh my God! I want to read this book so badly right now! I had to idea it was this amazing.
    Lovely post! I will be buying this in a second!

  2. I really love this book. It's beautiful and I wish more people will read this book. The books that changed me are The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky and Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.


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