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It has been a while since I've posted a recap and honestly, I am not quite sure if this is necessary here on the blog. I don't want to keep posting buffers just to keep it going. I deleted all my Follow Friday posts which had the most pageviews but I felt like they had to go. (Disclaimer: I did enjoy this meme a lot and I met a lot of awesome bloggers because of it!). So right now, Monthly Recap posts are in the brink of distinction on TBB.

Anyway, here's what happened on the blog for the past 2 months:

January 01 - Welcome 2016!
January 06 - 5-star review of Joy N. Hensley's RITES OF PASSAGE.
January 09 - Stacking the Shelves (68): The Year Ender Haul Edition.
January 27 - Waiting on Wednesday: The Crown's Game by Evelyn Skye.

Wow, What happened between January 10-26? LIFE. ADULTING. It sucks. But someone has to be the adult so I am really sorry my blog for I have been neglecting you.

February 03 - Waiting on Wednesday: The Mirror King by Jodi Meadows.
February 09 - 5-star review of Kathy MacMillan's SWORD AND VERSE.
February 10 - Bookish Delights: 5 Reasons Why I Love The Last Time We Say Goodbye.
February 11 - Tweaked the Blog Theme/Graphics Again!
February 12 - Meeting the Author: Epic Day for All PH Firehearts! #SarahJMaasinPH
February 13 - Stacking the Shelves (69): The Shiny Edition.
February 22 - 2-star review of Colleen Hoover's NOVEMBER 9.
February 28 - 8-star review of Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff's ILLUMINAE.

Okay, February was pretty decent and I love all the contents I posted. Here's to making this one a good pick up point for a posting trend.

There isn't really much of a choice for January because I only reviewed one book that month. But even if it had contenders, this book is really good and there is no dwindling emotion or anything because it deserves it. For February, I have 3 reviews: 1 bad and 2 good ones. Since Illuminae is actually 2015 read, it won't be counted. So both BoTM for both month deserve this spot.

Rites of Passage blurb:

"Rites of Passage is a stunning debut novel. Nothing beats a hellish set of exercise to beat a hellish secret society with hellish hot drill sergeant. It is one novel fully loaded with girl power!"
Sword and Verse blurb:

"Sword and Verse is honest to goodness a refreshing addition to the high-fantasy genre. I cannot stop flying through the pages because I don't want to calm my nerves anymore. I want more of that rushing adrenaline, that gripping feeling and that teeth-gritting sensation. This novel is a balance of a young romance that rooted deep with the hunger to uncover ancients secrets and surpass the call of a crown."

I am really hoping that March would top what I did this February! I am just so happy to be back to my first love - reading! Have a good one, blurbies!

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