Sunday, December 27, 2015


Every year, I think my intro for this post has always been "where did this year go?'. Well, it is the same question I have today! WHAT HAPPENED THIS YEAR? Despite that fact that a ton of bad things happened this year to me (blogging/reading slump is one of the worsts), a lot of good things happened, too. I landed my dream job (Software Admin), got to enjoy a new hobby which is Gundam building and I realized my dream to be a panelist. This year is definitely NOT my best year but I couldn't ask for anything better. I am content with how much I matured and how differently I see things now. I am truly blessed to have been given such struggles that eventually molded me to the person I am today.

What I can promise though is.. 2016 is going to be MY year.

Anyway, since I read only a handful of books this year *cringes on the word handful*, here are the Best Books of 2015 here on The Bookaholic Blurbs.


~ January ~
"Driven with passion, All the Bright Places reaches the deepest parts of the heart. Riveting and gripping, All the Bright Places is a magnificent and moving story -- that can melt the toughest hearts and maybe a thousand more."
"Filled with action compensated with amazing display of eternal love and friendship,Willowgrove is startlingly impressive. Delightfully engaging, Willowgrove is one of the best series enders I read! Totally commendable!"

~ February ~
"The Last Time We Say Goodbye is packed with heightened sense of grief. Not only immensely emotional, but it is thoroughly sensitizing and absolutely moving."

~ March ~
"The Orphan Queen gilded dark past to a deceitful present. Stirring and engaging, this world of hidden identities and full blast badassery irresistibly grabs one's best in an utterly extrafreakingordinary way!"

~ May ~
"A Court of Thorns and Roses is a story where magic is expounded in its different forms. Stunningly written and downright ravishing, ACOTAR is the go-to novel for all!"

~ July ~
"Extraordinary Means is Eleanor and Park meets The Fault in Our Stars. Buzzing with compassion, it pulls the strings of miracle and ties it to every fiber of hope it could find."

~ September ~
"Confess can simply come out of your life and leave a trail of disaster feels on its trail. Gripping and delightful, Confess can definitely be that light at the end of the tunnel!"

~ October ~
"Queen of Shadows is another Throne of Glass installment that left me in awe. Jaw dropping, hair gripping and heart wrenching novel packed with unlimited awesomeness!"
These books are all books of each month. As you all know, I was on a ridiculous blogging slump this year because usually, I post recaps every end of the month with the featured book/s. Well, I'll make it up to my blog and readers this coming year and be more active and I will make sure to post quality reviews. These books are not only the best ones but some of these still haunt me up to this day. So for 2015, I will have TWO Books of 2015. You ready?

The Bookaholic Blurbs' Books of 2015 are:

Thank you so much , HarperCollins for theses awesome books and well? congrats to Jodi and Cynthia for writing such fantastic stories! Till next year, guys!


Sunday, December 13, 2015


Hi, bookish peeps! Today I am happy to publish my new feature (well not really because this has been a constant post on other blogs) I called A Series of Unfortunate Reads. This is practically an old stuff but just new here on the blog but aside from that, there's nothing really interesting in this post. What I am sad about today though is that this feature will be about the books I did not finish. I need to make this one because my TBR is never-ending (old news) and I couldn't really afford to force myself to like reads I truly cannot. So here I am, contemplating about the books I can give another shot and the books I do not see myself re-reading. I have 16 today - the first batch.

EvernightFinaleFireWhite Cat

Reasons why I DNF-ed these books (and most probably the next DNFs):

1. SLOW PACING. Most of these I DNF-ed due to the pacing. You should know by now how I don't have the patience in reading utterly slow-paced stories. I feel like the story isn't moving at all or it will take literally forever to finish a book. It is absolutely easy for me to get bored as well.

2. HISTORICAL FICTIONS (SteamPunk, Thrillers and some High-Fantasy) ARE NEVER GONNA WORK FOR ME. I couldn't wrap any part of my brain on Historical Fiction books. It is just THAT hard for me to imagine it or to understand the puns and all that.

3. NO CHEMISTRY BETWEEN ME AND THE BOOK. Some I DNF-ed because of my disconnection to the characters/world building. Rain and Stormdancer were the hardest for me to read because even though I could easily picture Japanese Culture, the language is the issue. I know a few phrases but these books used a lot of Japanese references (obviously) I can't truly get in to. But I would re-read them.

4. INSTA-LOVE. It is okay for me if it is insta-romance but the story would be able to justify why it happened that fast. Just like Hoover's books, you would instantly hate how the romance department developed but as you go deeper in to the story, you'd get why. I just can't accept it ever that you fall head over heels in love with someone after meeting them twice?


6. THE PROBLEM IS ME. When life gets in the way, you know, it is hard to finish a book and sometimes I pause for several days but then completely forgets about the book. Or there are instances where I get overwhelmed by the thickness of the book? Yeah, all on me, guys. This is on me.

I couldn't think of anything else. Will probably edit if I think of something else.

Sorry, authors. Sorry pubs. But this is bookish life and I need to learn to DNF. I love you all, though.

Thank you for all the review copies, publishers!

Thursday, December 3, 2015


Hi again, guys! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
*waves and flails*

November 28 - Saturday, Kai of Amaterasu Reads, Hazel of Stay Bookish, Jesselle of The Life Long Bookworm and I attended the Book Blogging 101 Panel Talk at Fullybooked in Alabang Town Center. This event was hosted by Southville International School and Colleges and THIS IS MY FIRST TIME EVER TO BE A PART OF A PANEL! I was nervous but beyond excited! I've always dreamed of being a panelist and when Jesselle offered slots for this, I immediately grabbed the chance! *shouts: I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!* Seriously, this was beyond what I expected. I didn't anticipate that I would have so much fun talking and sharing the bookish love. I was so happy that I get to be with my blogger friends at the same time. Truly a win-win thing for me. Also, thank you Kai and fambam for the ride!

The first thing I did when we arrive was ask Hazel to take a photo of me sitting behind the panel table. It was surreal. HAHAHA! Sorry guys, but I had to tell you how freaking awesome it was to be doing this! The table was setup with YA books, I just usually see this during signings and I cannot freaking believe I'll be the one to sit behind the table HAHA okay so sorry am too much now.

I loved how the Powerpoint presentation pointed every detail needed to be discussed (thanks, ladies. you did such an awesome job! Sorry I wasn't any help at all. You know, life happened.) and I hope that it helped. Also, my favorite part was the Q and A. I felt like am kind of pro when it comes to this and seriously, it was everything I hoped it would be. The group who attended the event didn't look bored or something but they were all intently listening. Most of them are quite familiar to me, I felt I've met them during bookish events. The questions were all great I almost couldn't help myself. I wanted to answer everything. Hazel was so calm, Jesselle was bubbly as always, Kai was so informative and me? NEVER MIND ME GUYS. NEVER MIND. I just babbled nonstop.

Thank you SISC people for the photo!
I would like to thank first, Southville International School and Colleges for hosting such amazing event. This is a great step in building a stronger bookish community locally, in promoting books and reading and in making the internet (social media and other platforms) the base of another level of bookish enthusiasm. I hope other schools would also setup one like this in other for many people to share their love for reading. It isn't only going to pass as a hobby but this is also educational. I believe that events like this would persuade teens to spend their time with things that would benefit them. Also, thank you Fullybooked for accomodating us, my blogger friends for all the love and support, and to those people who attended this event. You guys! You truly made us happy! Not only because you asked brilliant questions or you showed interest in starting a book blog but you know, YOU CAME! Thank you. Thank you all so so much.

If you have questions, comment here and I will try my best to answer you. Cheers!

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