Thursday, November 12, 2015


Hi, guys. I really wanted to do the What's in my Bag blog post for so long (inspired by a lot of you) but my bag is so boring. But this one, "reading essentials", kind of stuck in my head. There's really nothing special about my essentials but I still want to share them with you.


Well, one pet peeve of mine is finger prints all over the gorgeous covers of my books so it is MUST that I cover them first with plastic wrappers before reading. Especially those glossy covers and dust jackets. I used to remove dust jackets but I realized that I tend to wrinkle the edges so plastic cover to the rescue. Down side though is in the long run, the paper would eventually turn yellow and it would leave the covered part (flipped side) white and that I wouldn't be able to see my hard covers naked anymore.


I am practically blind (L-200, R-200 with astigmatism), thanks to playing Clash of Clans for an entire year non-stop, so I need my glasses when reading. Not all the time though. Like for the past several months, I am practicing living this life without wearing glasses but man, it is hard! But I couldn't fake myself, my geeky and cutie glasses are one of my essentials when it comes to blogging and reading. (I am drafting this without glasses and I can barely see the letters! Kudos! *shakes head*)


It is like when you go watch a movie, not having popcorn makes the trip incomplete. This is the same for me. I need FOOD in general when reading. Don't worry, I never stained a page! I am pro like that!


This is mainly for blogging/reviewing purposes. A gorgeous notebook is an essential so I could write down my favorite quotes, my questions, my theories, my reaction, emotion and my utmost whatnot when reading. This way, I could remember every


I don't know, guys but I just have to have these while reading. I couldn't start a book without page flags. I COULD NEVER. It might have been something I just got accustomed to along the way but whatever. These cute little sticky flags help me a lot when reading. Questions flood me on IG like why do I use these and HOW like, all the time. I use these when I need to mark a monumental event in the book aka the plot twists or if there's a scene so funny I couldn't stop laughing. Also, when lines/quotes hit home? You get me? And most especially, I tab for my review -- the tabs make it easier for me to remember what page this thing happened or when did they kiss or if there are sexy times. You get the gist. Also, these flags serve as bookmarks, I am a bookworm but not really a bookmark user. So page flags top my Reading Essentials.

What are yours? Also, do you have any reading routines you can share with us?


  1. I tried using page flags but I never know when to use them, and when I do know when I never have any handy! And going back to some of the books I've used them in I'm just like '...why did I tab that?!' And I also need my glasses when reading - and for everything else. No idea what my prescription is, though. :P

    Charlotte | Bookmarks and Blogging

  2. I'm the opposite with glasses. I'm near sighted so I don't need glasses when reading. I've tried tabbing but once I start reading and get "in the zone" I forget to pick up a tab. But I want to try again coz trying to remember important parts of the book is hard for me. :D


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