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Title: Confess
Series: Stand Alone
Author: Colleen Hoover
Edition: Paperback
Publication: March 10, 2015 by Atria Books
Source: Bought from Powerbooks
Pages: 306
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Trailer: To follow!


Auburn Reed has her entire life mapped out. Her goals are in sight and there’s no room for mistakes. But when she walks into a Dallas art studio in search of a job, she doesn’t expect to find a deep attraction to the enigmatic artist who works there, Owen Gentry.
For once, Auburn takes a risk and puts her heart in control, only to discover Owen is keeping major secrets from coming out. The magnitude of his past threatens to destroy everything important to Auburn, and the only way to get her life back on track is to cut Owen out of it.
The last thing Owen wants is to lose Auburn, but he can’t seem to convince her that truth is sometimes as subjective as art. All he would have to do to save their relationship is confess. But in this case, the confession could be much more destructive than the actual sin

I knew from the very start that Confess would blow my mind to bits. Just like how Hopeless and Maybe Someday did. I knew Hoover has something up on her sleeve that would give me all the feels. Damn was I right! My expectations for Hoover is consistently met and am just tremendously satisfied with her novels. It's like when somebody asks "should I get Hoover's novels?" I would go bat shit crazy and be like: "Duh! GO!".

Confess crushed me in ways I would have never imagined. I don't know how Hoover does it but each of her books has this ultimately soul-crashing twists that you just have to watch for. All throughout Confess, I was waiting for that back story on how Owen knew Auburn and when I got to it? Gaaaad, I think I was massacred inside. It was NOT something I anticipated -- it didn't even cross my mind! (That's one thing I adore about Hoover's books, I couldn't predict it no matter how much I say I knew what would happen next). Also, can we all take a moment and appreciate those pretty paintings? I mean, aside from they are stunning, the connection Owen tells us in the story is something you'd actually feel when you stare at them. I would personally rip them off and ask Hoover to sign them next weekend and frame them. Then I'll hang them on my wall and be reminded how this book made my tear ducts swollen.

Let me also tell you what makes Hoover one of my auto-buy authors. Her take on love-making is just the purest I've read. She put soul to it that it makes its value and importance stand out. I don't know, it could be just me but whenever I read her books, this sexy part is one thing I look forward to because I want to know how she molds the characters and how heavy the impact on the story would turn out to be. Like in Hopeless, I was shocked. In Confess, I was crushed. Sex makes her stories heavier and it's as if the characters bare their entire soul not just because they wanted to do it but because it is the right time and fuck those sexy lines! Always has a pinch the heart.

Then we have Owen. Owen who isn't only swoon worthy but Owen who is also one of the best characters ever written. He's past totally broke him but he tried harder to make everything right for Auburn. He wanted to fix his life for her. And the fact that he adored her - scars and all - was so awesome of him. I wish there are real people like him, it would definitely make the world a better place HAHA. Seriously, Owen would make the such a perfect boyfriend.

Auburn is someone with a subtle personality that mixed well with Owen's. She's weak at times and such a damsel in distress but I liked how it turned out. Her eagerness to be with the one she truly loves just carved out a black hole in my chest that I want to pick her up from the book and slap her then hug her tight. I like Auburn. Simple and beautiful inside out.

Confess can simply come out of your life and leave a trail of disaster feels on its trail. Gripping and delightful, Confess can definitely be that light at the end of the tunnel!

""Sometimes we don't get second chances, Owen. Sometimes things just end." He winces. "We didn't even get a first chance.""
""This is what I want you to remember, Auburn." He says softly. "I don't want you to remember what it feels like when I'm inside you. I want you to remember how it feels when I look at you.""
"Selflessness. It should be the basis of every relationship. If a person truly cares about you, they'll get more pleasure from the way they make you feel, rather than the way you made them feel."


  1. I agree wholeheartedly! Colleen's amazing at expositions! Great review! :D

  2. Yes, yes, yes to everything! I adore Colleen Hoover and Confess is definitely one of my favorites. Auburn and Owen were characters that I absolutely feel in love with. I mean, how can you not love OMG? :) Watching the story unfold, and then the connection they shared, and that ending... perfection! :)

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books


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