Wednesday, September 23, 2015


I was feeling absolutely under the weather last Sunday, September 20. I believe it was because I was so beat the day before (I attended two events: APCC Manila and MIBF). That didn't stop me though from seeing my blogger friends and from attending Kiera Cass' second Philippines Book Signing, Manila Leg. (Here's a recap of first)

There were fewer of us this time and the forum was short. Most of my co-bloggers asked questions and Kiera didn't hold back in answering. She didn't change (in my opinion). She's still the same bubbly person I met a few years ago. Kiera is still lovely and humble.

I haven't read The One yet (but let's be honest, you could smell all the way from The Elite what could possibly happen in it) so I didn't get The Heir (though I wanted to just because of that gorgeous cover alone). Imagine how the question and answer spoiled me (I tried covering my ears to no avail HAHA). I wasn't surprised at all so am still good.

 Dianne, Sab, Jesselle, MEEEEE, Leslie and Maricar! Thanks, Kai for the photo!
From the Q and A, I only remembered a few pointers: how Kiera doesn't read her books once it's published because she doesn't want to feel like "tweaking" the story. She also mentioned she was asked a question about The One and she nearly blurted an answer that eventually became a vital plot twist in The Heir. She also said she grew up in the 90's and survived when N'Sync/Back Street Boys/etc disbanded, so Zayn leaving One Direction she also moved on from.

The signing I think lasted 20 minutes tops and I noticed she wasn't writing any dedication so since I was the last in line (TOO BAD THERE WERE NO MORE GORG GORG BOOKMARKS LEFT GIMME ONEEE), I asked her to kindly write a quote by Maxon. She flipped my book and wrote something from a a random page. Clever, Kiera. Very clever.

The best part of this day was not only the signing but the bonding after. This one hell of a lunch date at the food court was absolutely fun and honestly, I missed that. YOU GUYS MAKE ME FEEL THAT I BELONG *cue tears*. Thank you, guys!

Signed goodies!
KC with KC :)
Again, my endless gratitude to National Bookstore. With you guys and your passion for books, we wouldn't have wild events like this. Just want you to know you guys are deeply appreciated and love you, much! Thank you, HarperCollins, Callaway and Kiera!

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