Sunday, September 13, 2015


This day has been filled with fireworks of emotion. Colorful, loud, bright and extraordinary (you get the idea). Today is the fateful I when my MAYBE SOMEDAY became such a wonderful reality. Been screaming all about this the moment they announced it last year. I couldn't believe that I met not only one but three amazing authors - Christine Brae, Tarryn Fisher and the person who is responsible for the permanent damage in my heart and for the birth of DEAN HOLDER AND OWEN MASON GENTRY in the fictional world: THE ONE AND ONLY COLLEEN HOOVERRRRRRRR.

I don't know how to begin retelling the story I lived yesterday. It would be probably best to start with how I couldn't sleep the night before the event because adrenaline rush enveloped me that I was so damn hyper for hours. I woke up early (thank you Kai for ringing me up!) and dolled up a little because I wanted to be presentable today, okay? I am not my usual self for some (good?) reason. But anyway, I arrived early at the event and of course, talked with my blogger friends (get well, Louisse!) about a lot of things. (I MISS YOU GUYS ALREADY AM THE CLINGY-EST EVER!) And then, they arrived.

MY PEOPLE! Love you!
Thank you, Hazel, for snapping this one!
OH. MY. GOD. OHMYGOD. OMHMYYYYGOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was shaking (inside) and I couldn't stop staring at Colleen Hoover. She's there in the flesh! THE HELL WITH EVERYTHING, I WANT TO HUG HER! Then the Q and A started but I won't post that recap anymore because am lazy to transcribe. Christine Brae is a Filipina (PINAS REPRESENT YO) based in the US. She's an owner of a company there if I am not mistaken and writing is kind of her hobby. She mentioned she has so much story to tell that is why she's in this industry. She also shared that self-publishing has helped her share her stories at the most convenient time for her. Her schedule is cray-cray. Then we have the alluring Tarryn Fisher. She's wearing silky-tunic-type of dress and her legs? Man, so sexy! And her tattoos are freaking amazing! Her confidence and strong personality can be felt in the air and she's absolutely someone I wanna be friends with. Too bad Mud Vein wasn't available. I wanted that so bad.


OMG, Colleen Hoover. I live you. (See what I did there?) I dunno but I was so surprised to learn how tall she is in person, how gorgeous her hair is, her accent was sexy, her eyes are glowing and she is hilarious!!! As in, HILARIOUS!! Chyna asked her what I wanted to ask (thank you, Chyna) about the twists in her books. Like, how she come up with it and Colleen answered us that she don't really plan the twist (I WAS LIKE, SERIOUSLY?). She just writes and writes and then when it hits her, the twists happen. She also shared that she makes sure the names of the boys in her books are unique and that she cannot ever start writing without naming her characters first. (I JUST LOVE THIS WOMAN.)

Thanks for this beautiful one, Chyna!
While she was signing my books, I told her everything HAHA (drama). Like how she ruined me and all, how fantastic the twists are in her books, how I adored OMG and Dean and soooooo on! You know, the typical fan-girl stuff. But then the air kind of shifted and I suddenly noticed she was a little disconnected? It might just be me, probably me, 101% me but I was altogether underwhelmed. There was something lacking from this. I felt like she's there but not truly there? You get what I mean? I wasn't disappointed, okay. It was just not how I anticipated this would feel. BUT I HUGGED HER LIKE FOR FOUR SECONDS AND THAT IS SO IMPORTANT GUYS!

Signed treasures!
Thank you, Nina for the Polaroid shot!
With Tarryn, Colleen and Christine!
With Christine Brae!
With Tarryn Fisher!
Thank you forever, National Bookstore for bringing the rock stars of lit here in the Philippines. Keep them coming! HAHAH! But seriously, thank you. You make our dreams come true, you know. Love you, NBS!


  1. How completely exciting! I'm so happy that you got to have that experience. :) Authors are my rock stars so meeting one (especially a favorite) is a very special experience. Out of my three favorite authors (Colleen Hoover, Jennifer Armentrout, Abbi Glines), Colleen is the only one I have not met yet. Hopefully that will change one day soon!

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books


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