Sunday, August 30, 2015


Jesselle, Kai and I with Jello! (grabbed this photo from Kai's FB)
Earlier today, I met with my blogger friends Kai of Amaterasu Reads and Jesselle of The Lifelong Bookworm at Powerbookstore (SALE OMG) in Greenbelt 1, Makati. We had to talk about Jesselle's project and Kai and I tried to brainstorm a little for Morning Star's Philippine release. While munching boring donuts (I call the glazed one boring) and very slim sandwich at JCo, we decided to drop by Raffles for the Philippine Literary Festival hosted by National Bookstore (and a lot more sponsors). This festival is all bookish of course and a lot of local authors paticipated. NBS also invited Matthew Quick and Meg Wolitzer.

I felt like I attended BEA or something! This ID's nice. Would have been nicer if it says "blogger pass".
Wishful thinking! HAHA
Today's Matthew Quick's book signing but we just basically registered, roamed a little, checked Matthew's room (GAAAAD IT WAS PRETTY THERE) and said hello to our NBS friends! We saw some of our bookish friends as well and then went home. I didn't personally attend the signing because a) am broke b) I haven't read a single Quick book c) I need to be somewhere else. But honestly though, the line ups of local authors, publishers and artists were amazing! I will definitely attend next year's!

Thanks, Kai, for snapping this one! I look slim! BAHAHA
By just dropping by this event, I realized how much Filipinos are REALLY into books and art. It made me proud even though I literally did not do anything significant in there. The effort of a lot of people in showcasing work of different artists not only internationally but most especially to our youth here was just amazing. I salute these guys and I will surely read more from my local authors!

I wish I had taken more photos but forgive me, I didn't.

Thank you National Bookstore and Raffles, Makati for this event! Congratulations as well for it was a huge success!

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