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Where I relive the experience and share all the feels before, during and after meeting these fantastic authors WHO ARE BASICALLY LIFE.
Last year after I read We Were Liars, the feels just legit overwhelmed me. I couldn't stop feeling helpless because of my WWL emotions and the gaping at my murderously tabbed copy lasted a while. I tried to talk to my #WeWereLiarsSupportGroup on Twitter and it surely help lessen the pain. Then imagine...just imagine Emily Lockhart announcing on Twitter that she will be coming over for a book signing.. Imagine how much I screamed my lungs out and almost shoved it to everyone's faces that I was SO happy and excited and ugh, ALL THE FEELS again. Imagine that then it happened. I THINK MY BOOKISH HEART CAN'T HANDLE IT ANYMORE.

How much screaming was there after I saw here announcement!
The pain of it all OMG
March 22, 2015. Sunday morning. That was when I met and talked to Emily Lockhart, New York Times Bestselling author aka the mastermind behind We Were Liars aka the reason why I was in so much bookish pain. It was so surreal, you guys! I was so excited about this event because I have so much question for her (though I've only asked one). My blogger friends and I even came up with #15DaysofLying tag in preparation for her signing (thank you Kai, Precious, Dianne and to all who participated!). Emily was wearing a simple but cute dress and boy her tattoo was intriguing. It was hot in the book store where the Bloggers' Forum was held but she didn't mind at all. She was happy to meet us. One surprising thing she did was she checked ALL our blogs so she can get to know us a little bit *am blushing so hard while typing this* and I think that was such a sweet gesture! Then recordings, photo taking, video taping, fangirling and Q and A happened. It was a blast!

Caffeine fix with #PHYABookBloggers
Me: If you were Cadence and you had a choice, would you let them go?

E: I think I would, because you cannot stay on an island forever. You have to go back to the rest of the world. You can't, you have to go back to the world.
I couldn't help but ask this because this part is the one that absolutely marked deep in my heart.

**If you wanna listen to the entire Q and A, visit Kai's recap and Jesselle's. They've uploaded their recordings.**

My favorite line from We Were Liars. Sharpied by Algel of Tea-rrifuc Reads!
#PHYABookBloggers with out signed #WeWereLiarsSupportGroup shirts!

The gang!
Emily's funny and very welcoming. She's open to all questions and very careful in answering to avoid getting people spoiled. She also flails a lot. I mean, she talks with so much hand gestures and she thinks first before giving her answers. While she was signing my book (I only had my copy of We Were Liars signed), I told her how she ruined my life because of her story and I was expecting more from her (she's writing a new one). When she also saw how much book flags I put on my book, she said, "I'm honored" and I nearly fainted! I wanted to hug her but I contained the urge, she might get shocked! Kai and I talked to her a little bit more and that was all I could ask for. It was truly a dream come true for me.

#PHYABookBloggers with Emily! Thanks, Louisse of The Soul Sisters for the photo!
After the almost forty minutes of Q and A, we had our books, swag and shirts signed. We also took a ton of selfies with her! Then I went directly to the public book signing because I need to go home right after. I was supposed to see Insurgent with the ladies but alas, I was broke. I took some photos from the public event and met some co-bloggers there, too. I also wanted to register so I can get my own stub because am going to start collecting them for my "Bookish Board".

Emily Lockhart's message to book bloggers!

Emily's message to PH fans!
Photo grabbed from National Book Store's FB page.
My signed swag!
Beautiful stamp!
Yes, I will. My signed copy!!!!
Glorious, glorious moment with Emily!
I hate National Book Store so much for making this momentous event happen! How dare you even think of this as pure awesomeness? It was truly not a day to remember.

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