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Where I relive the experience and share all the feels before, during and after meeting these fantastic authors WHO ARE BASICALLY LIFE.

I started my February with so much fun! I attended my first bookish event for the year and met NYT Best Selling Author of The Lorien Legacies and Endgame, Jamey Frey! I liked how he's straight to the point and his "adult" kind of humor (well, maybe because am adult also). He answers questions the way he wanted to. I mean, there's no pretenses or something which is absolutely a breath of fresh air for me. The event was a little short but I didn't have to "behave" the entire time. I didn't feel shy or intimidated unlike with the past authors I've met. That's what am basically saying. :)

James Frey didn't use the mic anymore since there were only a few of us so I didn't record the Q and A anymore (my phone recording app sucks without mic LOL). Instead, I wrote teeny tiny phrases from the said Q and A.

* The logistics of having the book published around the world is the hardest. They have to make sure the puzzle + prize are legal.

* MIT people made/wrote the puzzle embedded in the book.

* The only rule is that there are no rules (when it comes to writing but he said it probably wouldn't work in real life. :D )

* He said a few times already that he wanted to make a "chase" scene here in Manila to be included on Endgames' Book 2. (AWESOMESAUCE RIGHT?)

* What sets Endgame apart: totally not dystopia, characters are diverse and there is no boring love triangle! (FTW)

* The character that most resembles him would be Jago. (Did I spell that right?)

* And he wouldn't change anything in the book!

(For the complete Q and A transcript, visit Kai of Amaterasu Reads' Recap HERE)

Dianne of Oops, I Read a Book Again - Nicole of The Twins Read - Precious of Fragments of Life - Sab of Sab The Book Eater and Kai of Amaterasu Reads!

Dianne and Sab with Jello, Deavelle and Mary Ann of Teen Readers' Diary.

With THE Fab Chad of NBS!
With Book Goddess friend Kai and ARC of Golden Son!
I won my copy of Endgame from last year's raffle here and today, I won an Endgame shirt! Isn't that wicked?! I asked James Frey to sign it and he did! I liked how it didn't feel awkward to take selfies with him! He's cool, surprisingly!

Sorry for the blurry shot! (looks at Louie!)
Dianne, Precious, Kai and I had lunch at Seattle's Best in Greenbelt and spent a good hour or two brainstorming what we could possibly do for E. Lockhart's signing in March. Then we headed to the public signing and man, Filipino readers are just the best! Authors are practically rock stars! I always look forward to hearing the screams!

Check out these photos by National Bookstore from the signing in CEBU and MANILA!

James Frey's Message to PH Fans!

My signed goodies! Thank you HarperCollins for the book, NBS for the shirt and Sab for the Polaroid Shot!
With James Frey!
Thank you National Bookstore for everything! You keep rocking my world!

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