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Where I get to recap my fruitful year and compile all the best ones I've read!
Again, where did the rest of 2014 go? Time have gone by so fast I felt like I missed life this year. Well, I totally did! I was just stuck at home almost the entire year because I quit my job and I allowed LOSS to get the best of me. I was pretty much depressed the entire time: didn't read much books, couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, no strength to go out with friends. Yeah, that was basically my 2014. BORING. But am glad there are still awesome things I could look back to and choosing the best books I read this year is one.

Here are the best books I read this year.
Am missing two books here because one is borrowed and one is an ecopy.

5 stars
"Nielsen never disappoints. Not in any aspect of the book. The plot was stunning, the writing was witty and "accent" sexy, characters are all well developed and thought of and the twists of every event leads to discoveries not only of secrets but motives and truth. The Runaway King deserves so much that I couldn't type and collect the right words to explain how satisfied I am with the story. Truly mind blowing. One of a kind. Magnificent."
8 stars
"I am sad. Sad that the series is now over. That I won't be seeing MORE of my Shatter Me crew. But I am happy. Happy that an extraordinary story ended in an ultramagnetic sonic way. Ignite Me exceeded my sky rocketing expectations that I think, I will never be this satisfied with any other series conclusion ever. Mafi made my standards so high I cannot almost see it. Ignite Me is a book and a story that will leave you asking, WHAT HAPPENED TO MY HEART."
8 stars
"Maybe Someday may have ended too perfectly but it ended the way it should. The idea of this story isn't totally applicable in real life but it gives a little spark of hope that the heart could wait and could find the one that beats the same way. Wrong as it may sound, but love will always take its own course to the right person no matter how wrong circumstances may be and it will take as long as it could until the time is right. Maybe Someday made cry ocean and seriously tore my heart apart. Hoover did it again. The story she created rendered my entire existence speechless and my heart shattered. Maybe Someday is absolutely a tear-inducing novel that will mess your feelings up but will plant love deeply to your heart. Then rip it."
8 stars
"Wings is the perfect conclusion to such amazing series. I will never have sufficient adjectives to describe how Wings gave euphoria and all sorts of unnamed emotions to me. Highly fitting to be the last installment (because there is nothing that would top this), every fiber of Wings suited the need for answers and satiated the cravings for action. Gripping with blood and vengeance, Wings turns out to be the key to all the madness. Treacherous, dangerous and brutal it may appear but Wings is by far the best part of the series. Breath taking and breath stopping altogether."
5 stars
"As I have shared on Facebook, I couldn't recommend this book enough. It isn't only mysterious but highly intriguing and it plays so good with the mind. Lockhart sure enough nailed this one, the characters are so lovely, the plot is one of a kind, the romance is ugh, to die for and that tingling sensation on each chapter gives an out of the body goosebumps. This book is surely one of the amazing novels I've read this year. And be warned: prepare for a support group. You wouldn't survive longer after you're done with this."
5 stars
"After the End is truly mind numbing, heart breaking and fist clenching dystopian take. The depth of my love for this book is undeniably immeasurable. It took my breath away in a surprisingly beautiful way. The striking prose combined with the astounding mystery behind the plot, this book is worth all the praises the dictionary can ever produce. Brilliant, wonderful, magnificent."
8 stars
"Monstrous Beauty is a story of eternal love, magic and tragedy mixed beautifully. It is one of the so many astounding novels ever written. Thrilling, mystifying and excruciating to the heart, Monstrous Beauty brings the kind of love that will haunt and torment you. This is a book that will change you forever."
5 stars
"Isla and the Happily Ever After is the perfect ending to this companion series. It is bubbly, swoony and dreamy that your heart will beat a hundred times faster than normal. Isla is my favorite next to Anna and definitely, there's a re-read that's going to happen soon! GO GRAB YOUR COPIES NOW!"
8 stars
"Heir of Fire is absolutely worth waiting for. If it takes another year for Book 4 to be published, I will wait with all my heart. Maas' wrote another phenomenal story with such amazing structure that never misses to surprise me. It is mysterious, brilliant and thrilling. Hands down to you, Maas! Another job well done! And I will follow the Throne of Glass series, to whatever end.."
4 stars
"Pawn is a book that is sensitive, intriguing and powerful. It speaks individual empowerment that nothing should stop you from being who you are and achieving what you want. It is such a magnificent work that you would beg for Captive immediately. Truly an evocative dystopian novel, Pawn will touch your heart with strength to fight not just to make ends meet but to seek justice, safety and equality."
4 stars
"Red Rising is absolutely heart-racing, hair-raising and mind-blowing take on a very cruel dystopian world. It speaks a language so uniquely and tells a story so admirably. Holding distinct characters as its strength, it doesn't stop there. Love, revenge, and freedom are cooking in such impeccable way that tasting Red Rising would have you asking for more."
8 stars
"Intoxicating and nerve-wracking, Golden Son brings full blast of action and suspense that will leave you grasping for air. With a remarkable plot and shocking ending, Book 3 couldn't be here fast enough. It holds love, loss and vengeance in its center that if this incredibly phenomenal sequel will not break you, I don't know what else will."
There are my favorite reads this year. Not only because I was swept away by the story or characters, it's because I was blown away by the emotional impact these books brought to me. Yes, I will never be the same again after reading such brilliant novels and I'll be more than happy to tell the world about these books!

Now, one of the hardest things I've to make this year it to decide which one is going to land The Bookaholic Blurbs' 2014 Book of the Year. I narrowed it down by rating so the 8 star reviews are among the ones I've to choose from. But it's still hard. I loved all of these books but only one fits the titles. Which one would it be?

I chose this book because I've never read anything quite like it. As in, there's nothing to compare it to.

The Bookaholic Blurbs' 2014 Book of the Year goes to:

Monstrous Beauty by Elizabeth Fama

There you have it! Thank you so much authors for writing such amazing novels and for making my life a little bit bearable! Till next year!



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