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Where I relive the experience and share all the feels before, during and after meeting these fantastic authors WHO ARE BASICALLY LIFE.
Yesterday (Sunday, November 23, 2014), I met New York Times Best Selling Author, Marie Lu. I was invited by National Bookstore to attend the Bloggers' Forum for an exclusive Q and A with the lovely author of Legend, Prodigy, Champion and Young Elites. She was absolutely pretty!

Marie Lu exudes elegance. She's a little short but her legs are to swoon for! Plus, she was wearing this blouse which was a little low at the back thus, I got a glimpse of her tattoo! It was huge! The creepy stalker that I was, I stared at the details of it while I was standing behind her! Well, I saw swirls and feathers! (Sorry, Marie Lu! can't help but stare!)

Chad Dee, the lovely host, didn't beat around the bush. He went straight to the Q and A and I stood near the speaker so I can record everything crystal clear. You ready? Here are the bits and pieces! (I WAS SPOILED THOOOOOO!)

Here's the interview. (please do not copy/paste these. took me 5 hours to transcribe it and I expect respect. thanks :D)

Hardest Selfie Ever v8 Louisse, Lyra, Me, Jesselle and Sab!
#PHYABookBloggers with Marie Lu! (Thank you, Jesselle for the photo!)
The signing started after the Q and! It went by quickly and some of my friends had their books doodled on by Marie. I was supposed to get my copy of Champion doodled on as well but someone cut the line! Hmmmp!

Marie Lu's nailart!
My signed boxed set!! Thank you so much brother dear for giving this set as a gift and Lyra for the polaroid shot!!
After the forum, we had lunch in the food court and talked about books and blogs and people and our lives. We then went to the public book signing and I was so happy to see so many book lovers out there! What's crazy (in a good way) was some people started camping out a day and a half before the actual signing! I adore them for their dedication! There were over around 800 people registered, if I have my numbers right!

Note: I was supposed to take photos for Kayla's blog feature but I failed. Am so sorry, hun.
Marie Lu's fans!

Here's a video of Marie Lu's message for her PH fans!

From National Bookstore's page!
With the legendary Marie Lu!

So again,National Bookstore made a lot of book lovers and fans happy by bringing New York Times Best Selling author, Marie Lu here. How can we ever thank you, NBS!? Thank you , endlessly!
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