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Title: Tease
Author: Amanda Maciel
Edition: Paperback
Published: April 29, 2014
Publisher: Balzer + Bray
Pages: 328
Source: ARC provided by the publisher
Genre: Contemporary, Realistic Fiction
Trailer: Not available.


Emma Putnam is dead, and it's all Sara Wharton's fault. At least, that's what everyone seems to think. Sara, along with her best friend and three other classmates, has been criminally charged for the bullying and harassment that led to Emma's shocking suicide. Now Sara is the one who's ostracized, already guilty according to her peers, the community, and the media. In the summer before her senior year, in between meetings with lawyers and a court-recommended therapist, Sara is forced to reflect on the events that brought her to this moment—and ultimately consider her own role in an undeniable tragedy. And she'll have to find a way to move forward, even when it feels like her own life is over.
Bullying, suicide and peer pressure have always been a hot topic. I've read several novels that tackle such issues and the emotion I've encountered has been the same -- it stings. Reading Tease made me ache in a disturbing manner because somehow at some point, I've been through this.

Sara will soon face the court together with her high school group. They were facing a lawsuit from Emma Putnam's parents because apparently, they harassed, stalked and bullied her to her death. Sara wouldn't back down because she knew she didn't kill Emma. But she was terrified. She wasn't allowed to talk to her best friend and boyfriend, her separated parents weren't there for her and she the hate she felt for Emma has the power of a thousand suns. She's never been alone in her life and all these things she's going through, she blames Emma. Emma got it all figured out by dying and making their lives hell.

Brielle. I've never seen such strong character that could pull off anything. Aside from the fact that her family is wealthy, her entire attitude screams *back off*. She's so manipulative and wouldn't take no for an answer. Her adventurous take on things around her would have been fun if she isn't hurting people. Her strong facade masks so much and affects people around her in a very negative way. This power she gets from bullying only makes her worse. Instead of influencing others to be their best, she's the other way around. It appears like, she wanted to be the only one to reign the school. It wasn't explained in the story how she was brought up, but it looks like she didn't have a happy childhood. And this is the outcome.

Dylan. I liked him at first because he's safe to be considered the boy next door. I liked his silent-type attitude and he's not pushy. Basically, he doesn't take advantage. However, I wish he could have ended things with the person he's seeing a decent way.

Braden. He's fantastic. That is all I can say. Fantastic. Fantastic. Fantastic. Well, I wish I could have known more about him though. His new found friendship with Sara can be a totally separate novel!

Emma. I tweeted Maciel about Emma if there would be a companion novel or sequel in Emma's POV. I would really love to know her side of the story. Why she decided to call it quits and how dark she's really going through. It would be an amazing novel if there will be one because we'd get an overall understanding of the WHYs in her story. I would really love that. Only, I wasn't really a fan of Emma. She's really a flirt.

Sara. The novel is from her POV which I absolutely adored. She's a little rebellious, easily manipulated but I loved her honesty and straight forwardness. She's very true to herself and she's not afraid to do what she thinks would make her happy. I feel her hate with Emma because at some point in my life, I FELT THE EXACT SAME HATE. Only, I didn't do anything about it. Sara's too clingy to her best friend Brielle and would just do anything she's told to do. It's like Brielle's words is where her life depends on. Even if she's doubtful, if it comes out of Brielle's mouth, she'd do it. Which in reality, we have that piece of attitude in us especially when it comes to the people who matter so much to us. Only Sara took it to a whole new level. She would have done things differently but it was too late and I respect the way she took responsibility of her actions. I believe her all the way, though. I've seen the goodness she has the entire time.

I believe that some parts of this story happens every day. Different people react to things differently and there's just one line I'd like to share from my favorite novel, We Were Liars: BE A LITTLE KINDER THAN YOU HAVE TO.

Tease is a strong novel exposing issues we face day after day in a different light. It tries to heighten awareness and tries to make life bearable in simple good things we can do for others. Amazingly written, Tease brings tears, magnifies loss, and expounds pressure in an well-wrapped up everyday story.

Thank you for the review copy, HarperCollins International!

"The thing about having one really good friend, one person you talk to all the time about everything, is that you stop really talking to anyone else. You sort of talk to other people, but mostly you have your one person and that's enough.

And then one day, maybe for a good reason or maybe out of nowhere, you can't talk to that friend anymore, and you suddenly realize you can't talk to anyone else. Like, it's physically impossible. No one understands you except that person. it's like you speak another language, and the other person who also speaks it is gone."
"Don't add silence to your list of regrets."
"I look down and see my hands uncapping the pen, turning the notepad right-side up on my knees. My mouth is dry, my stomach is in knots, my life is over, my heart is broken.

I start to write."
"When the doors are open big gusts of cold air sweep into the car, and suddenly it smells damp and earthly, that early smell that tells you all the snow and ice is melting and someday the sun will come out again. And maybe it will, for some other girl."
"Something about this small glimmer of happiness feels wrong, but I can't think about that. I just hold onto the glimmer, the shred. I let myself feel a tiny bit happy. Even though it kind of hurts."

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Title: Silence (Hush, Hush #3)
Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
Edition: Hardbound (Signed)
Published: October 4, 2011
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers
Pages: 448
Source: Bought from National Bookstore
Genre: Romance, Paranormal (Angels)
Trailer: Here.



Nora Grey can't remember the past five months of her life. After the initial shock of waking up in a cemetery and being told that she has been missing for weeks - with no one knowing where she was or who she was with - she tried to get her life back on track. Go to school, hang out with her best friend, Vee, and dodge mom's creepy new boyfriend.

But there is this voice in the back of her head, an idea that she can almost reach out and touch. Visions of angel wings and unearthly creatures that have nothing to do with the life she knows.

And this unshakable feeling that a part of her is missing.

Then Nora crosses paths with a sexy stranger, whom she feels a mesmerizing connection to. He seems to hold all the answers...and her heart. Every minute she spends with him grows more and more intense until she realizes she could be falling in love. Again.
Nora woke up in a cemetery not remembering anything in the past 5 months of her life. The last thing she could remember was her biology test. She couldn't settle with what information she was given so she tried to learn what truly happened to her on her own. She found out Hank Millar was dating her mother, she missed school, she became friends with Marcie Millar, Vee lied to her and she couldn't remember who's Patch. In trying to stitch iffy events, her memories were slowly coming back and the truth not only hurt but ignited a rage she didn't know she's capable to feel. She has to do something about the welfare of her mother and the boy she loves most at the expense she's willing to pay -- even if that means she'll have to fight Patch.

The pull I felt while reading Hush, Hush and Crescendo died in Silence. The title did justice to the story but I believe, this is the worse in the series. I didn't truly buy why Nora lost her memories because it didn't add up to anything. A good chunk of the book was dedicated to her, trying to remember. So why shouldn't I just re-read Crescendo, then? Instead of developing into someone who's learned from past mistakes, she became that damsel in distress who needed saving. Thankfully, she didn't do something stupid (as a reader wold expect) despite the memory lost and still trusted Patch, I just simply didn't click with this story. A little boring yes and I can call this book the buffer in the series. You can skip this and the entire series would still make sense.

Patch's development though, gave me butterfly kisses. I adored how vocal he became about his feelings. I loved his ways of showing how he truly cared for Nora and Jesus, the way he held her? Bone-melting. He's full of surprises and I truly, absolutely fell hard for Patch in Silence.

Silence is an okay read. Not too bad but not that good either. Still dark and cunning, one can feel the balance of good and bad. Patch's mushy side appeared and that's all am after.

"The only way I'm going to survive this is by clinging to what I do know."
"How was I supposed to jump forward, when the platform beneath my feet had been yanked out?"
"Piece by piece, I let Jev break down my defenses. I swayed and dipped against him, letting him set the rhythm. I was overly warm, my head clogged with smoke, and the moment began to feel unreal, only making it easier to believe that later, if guilt or regret haunted me, I could pretend it never happened. While I was here, trapped in the club, trapped in Jev's eyes, he made it too easy to succumb."
"I can't move forward until I know what I left behind."
""There's only one thing I know for certain anymore." He turned, his eyes a clear black. "That I would do anything for you, even if it means going against my instincts or my very nature. I would lay down everything I possess, even my soul, for you. If that isn't love, it's the best I have.""
"If you need more reason, I love you. This is uncharted territory for me, but I need to know that at the end of the night, I have you to come home to."

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Where I relive the experience and share all the feels before, during and after meeting these fantastic authors WHO ARE BASICALLY LIFE.
Yesterday (Sunday, November 23, 2014), I met New York Times Best Selling Author, Marie Lu. I was invited by National Bookstore to attend the Bloggers' Forum for an exclusive Q and A with the lovely author of Legend, Prodigy, Champion and Young Elites. She was absolutely pretty!

Marie Lu exudes elegance. She's a little short but her legs are to swoon for! Plus, she was wearing this blouse which was a little low at the back thus, I got a glimpse of her tattoo! It was huge! The creepy stalker that I was, I stared at the details of it while I was standing behind her! Well, I saw swirls and feathers! (Sorry, Marie Lu! can't help but stare!)

Chad Dee, the lovely host, didn't beat around the bush. He went straight to the Q and A and I stood near the speaker so I can record everything crystal clear. You ready? Here are the bits and pieces! (I WAS SPOILED THOOOOOO!)

Here's the interview. (please do not copy/paste these. took me 5 hours to transcribe it and I expect respect. thanks :D)

Hardest Selfie Ever v8 Louisse, Lyra, Me, Jesselle and Sab!
#PHYABookBloggers with Marie Lu! (Thank you, Jesselle for the photo!)
The signing started after the Q and! It went by quickly and some of my friends had their books doodled on by Marie. I was supposed to get my copy of Champion doodled on as well but someone cut the line! Hmmmp!

Marie Lu's nailart!
My signed boxed set!! Thank you so much brother dear for giving this set as a gift and Lyra for the polaroid shot!!
After the forum, we had lunch in the food court and talked about books and blogs and people and our lives. We then went to the public book signing and I was so happy to see so many book lovers out there! What's crazy (in a good way) was some people started camping out a day and a half before the actual signing! I adore them for their dedication! There were over around 800 people registered, if I have my numbers right!

Note: I was supposed to take photos for Kayla's blog feature but I failed. Am so sorry, hun.
Marie Lu's fans!

Here's a video of Marie Lu's message for her PH fans!

From National Bookstore's page!
With the legendary Marie Lu!

So again,National Bookstore made a lot of book lovers and fans happy by bringing New York Times Best Selling author, Marie Lu here. How can we ever thank you, NBS!? Thank you , endlessly!
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Title: Captive (The Blackcoat Rebellion #2)
Author: Aimee Carter
Edition: Paperback
Published: November 25, 2014
Publisher: HarlequinTeen
Pages: 304
Source: ARC provided by the publisher
Genre: Romance, Dystopia
Trailer: Not available.


For the past two months, Kitty Doe's life has been a lie. Forced to impersonate the Prime Minister's niece, her frustration grows as her trust in her fake fiancé cracks, her real boyfriend is forbidden and the Blackcoats keep her in the dark more than ever.

But in the midst of discovering that her role in the Hart family may not be as coincidental as she thought, she's accused of treason and is forced to face her greatest fear: Elsewhere. A prison where no one can escape.

As one shocking revelation leads to the next, Kitty learns the hard way that she can trust no one, not even the people she thought were on her side. With her back against the wall, Kitty wants to believe she'll do whatever it takes to support the rebellion she believes in—but is she prepared to pay the ultimate price?

I finished reading Captive earlier today, around five in the morning. Up until now though (it's already three in the afternoon), I still couldn't figure out how I truly feel for this book. It wasn't a bad read but there was no excitement in me either.

I loved Pawn that I was left in awe after reading it. I wasn't expecting much from Captive but I wanted to read it as soon as possible. After that ending in Pawn, am pretty sure a lot of us wanted to know what happens next.

After Kitty accepted her new life as Lila Hart, she knew that she doesn't own her life anymore. She has to follow everything the legitimate Harts tell her to do, especially the new Prime Minister, Daxton Hart. After the failed assassination, Daxton acted as if he didn't remember anything so no one would suspect him but he let Kitty know. Kitty couldn't stand being kept in the dark and being treated as a pawn so she went on her way to prove she's something -- only to get people killed including those she truly cared about.

Captive, as opposed to Pawn, is a little more daring and packed with tension, blood and well, rebellion. The story smoothly transitioned and even have a ton of blood-curdling surprises. Honestly, the twists are somewhat predictable only if you know how these characters act. You can easily read between the lines. And what I loved dearly about it is that Carter succeeded in patching events and would still make you scream in the middle of the night. Predictable for me but I still loved how these predictions popped up in a totally surprising way.

Kitty surprised me as well. She's now braver and she's no longer afraid to get killed. And because of that, she took risks -- UTTERLY STUPID RISKS -- which cost lives. See that? Plural. LIVES. From page one up until the last chapter, SHE CONSISTENTLY DID STUPID THINGS even if she's told it would endanger people. LIKE, WHYYYYYYYY? And the worst part? She didn't stop making ridiculously stupid things even if she knows she would get her loved ones killed. She didn't care. All she cared for is to prove she is uncontrollable and she can make decisions on her own. She even revealed the Blackcoat's plan to someone she barely know just because she thought it would give the person hope. WTF, Kitty. IT WAS A REBELLION AND YOU DON'T GIVE OUT SENSITIVE INFORMATION TO OTHER PEOPLE. I cannot even express how freaking annoyed I was with her. She is unbelievably stupid, stupid, stupid.

I do not know why Carter made her that way but seriously, it wasn't fun to see her fuck everything up. But at least she did a few helpful things and found out information about who she is in the process. Consolation, I guess.

And what about Benjy? No character development? Forever underdog? When would he stand firm on his decisions? I don't like how he would just say yes to everything Kitty says without batting an eyelash. I appreciate the love he has for Kitty but he has to be tough and be a man. He's so..bland.

Thank you very much Carter for making Knox, Knox and Greyson, Greyson. They are the only characters left with rational thinking. Without these two, I would have stopped reading, I would have cried hard in a corner feeling so defeated that I couldn't like this book as much as I anticipated. But thankfully, they remained logical and didn't let emotions cloud their judgement. Thank you very much for making me trust Knox from Pawn until Captive and that trust didn't falter. I knew his heart, I guess. And that's what I adore about him. He tries so hard to keep his promises.

I wish I liked Captive just like how much I liked Pawn. I wish this action-filled sequel didn't have such stupid and stubborn female protagonist because it would have been perfect. A few mistakes can be tolerated but being consistent with it? That will never work for me. Queen, please be better.

Thank you so much HarlequinTeen for the review copy!

"Finally he closed the distance between us and kissed me -- a sweet, gentle kiss that held within it every single one of the thousand days I'd loved him as my everything, long after I'd begun to love him as a friend."
"If you had something to tie you back to your old life, would you keep it or destroy it?"
"An armory isn't always made up of guns and knives. Sometimes, information is the most powerful weapon of all."
"The only thing that really matters in the end is how we choose to live."

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Title: Trial by Fire (The Worldwalker Trilogy #1)
Author: Josephine Angelini
Edition: Paperback
Published: September 2, 2014
Publisher: Feiwel and Friends (Macmillan)
Pages: 374
Source: Finished copy provided by the publisher
Genre: Romance, Paranormal (Witches)
Trailer: Here.


This world is trying to kill Lily Proctor. Her life-threatening allergies keep her from enjoying experiences that others in her hometown of Salem take for granted, which is why she is determined to enjoy her first high school party with her best friend and longtime crush, Tristan. But after a humiliating incident in front of half her graduating class, Lily wishes she could just disappear.

Suddenly, Lily is in a different Salem—one overrun with horrifying creatures and ruled by powerful women called Crucibles. Strongest and cruelest of them all is Lillian . . . Lily's other self in this alternate universe.

What makes Lily weak at home is what makes her extraordinary in New Salem. In this confusing world, Lily is torn between responsibilities she can't hope to shoulder alone and a love she never expected.
Have you ever had those times when you strongly wanted to throw away a book only you can't because of a single, gorgeous character? Well, this is one of those times.

I've fought with myself multiple times whether to mark this book as DNF or just continue reading. Honestly, DNF-ing was the easiest thing to do but I felt compelled to finish it because a.) it isn't really a habit of mine to DNF books and b.) this was a surprise gift by the publisher. So I gathered all the sense in me and still worked my way hard to finishing it. AND I DID.

Trial by Fire has been getting a lot of buzz on Twitter the past few months but I have minimal knowledge about it. It was about Lily, a sickly teenager from Salem, Massachusetts. Almost every microorganism known to man can be a trigger for her allergies. Her best friend Tristan, looks after her and she happens to be in love with him. Good thing though, they are getting there. On the night of the first party Lily attended, she was given a spiked drink then she caught Tristan making out with someone and she felt so betrayed. Her allergies and emotion took the best of her and went down with the worst seizure. Feeling all kinds of humiliated the next day, something weird happened to her, she woke up on a different Salem -- where witches rule the place and magic exists.

The story has a very alluring world building. I believe this is the first multi-universe story I've read and the construction of it was a little intimidating but lovely to read. It was not very easy to go through, maybe because I was also confused, but I get the picture. Mostly. The scene-shifting gave me a hard time focusing on it, too. Like, I was so into Rowan/Lily one minute and then I wouldn't have any idea the scene shifted to Gildeon or Carrick. Like, I was expecting a little breather in between. And because of that, I would go back to the previous page, skim it and try to wrap my brains around it so I could move on. Repeat.

I also had issues with the dragging pacing. I might not have enough patience but seriously, it was too slow for me. Also, the science reference drove me insane. That alone pushed me towards the DNF basket and just shoot for 3 points. I loved it but there were moments I felt like I was reading a science/text book. It didn't help for me because I wanted to escape that reality in life through books and yet, here I am, hearing all about thermodynamics, physics, biology and even OMG calculus. The book sounded too pretentious for me even though I know, the characters in this world have the ability to remember everything they read. You know, it didn't click for me.

One thing that didn't work for me as well was the Claiming. It was truly something that bothered me while reading not because of the process of how they do it but by how confusing the story became. I mean, I could no longer separate their memories from what currently is happening. Aside from sharing bits of memories, the background narration was really off. The story flow was zigzagging up until the end.

What about Lily? Lily was so weak but a good hearted character. The only problem was, since the time she was transported to this other Salem, she didn't STRONGLY show how badly she wants to go home or how she misses her true sister or even her real world. She EASILY adapted to this other Salem and didn't SLIGHTLY show any level of curiosity as to what the heck really is happening to her/around her. Just because she has Rowan, she fell for what was laid on the table in a snap. And the transition from being a normal human to a powerful witch didn't impress me. I didn't understand how they trained her or how fast she got accustomed to her powers which again, made the book pretentious in my taste. Like, she was only given some stones and she's immediately the most powerful witch in Salem. Wow. How unsettling.

"I want you to be everything I loved about her and nothing I hated." The romance part was so unfair for me. What, just because she looks somebody else doesn't give any man the right to fall for her THAT instant. We all should be loved for who we are and not because you know, I look like your damned ex or something.

This whole experience deserves 2 stars (or even 1), so to speak. But I gave it 3. It went up one star because of: a.) Rowan Fall -- he's the most caring male protagonist I can remember I encountered. He didn't show arrogance knowing how powerful of a mechanic he is (though he's impatient) and how much bravery he showed to admit his vulnerability made me swoon for him. Given that he's gorgeous, his entire character balanced the rightness and wrongness in a perfect sequence. (I also love Caleb and Other-Salem Tristan) And b.) THAT FREAKING ENDING. The ending was the climax of the story in my opinion. It was a full blast cliffhanger ending and I seriously can't calm myself right now.

Trial by Fire is something I wouldn't re-read in the near future but would still recommend it to readers who love multi-universe plots, intense endings and one of the boys kind of relationships. Though I am a little disappointed, I am still giddy to know what happens next!

Thank you Pan Macmillan for the review copy!

"Funny how quickly the mind moves, but how slowly time does when you’re in pain."
"There comes a day when every girl loses the stars in her eyes. And then she can see clearly."
"They'd shared more than memories the night before. What they'd experienced was a communion."

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Title: Crescendo (Hush, Hush #2)
Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
Edition: Hardbound (Signed)
Published: October 19, 2010
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers
Pages: 427
Source: Bought from National Bookstore
Genre: Romance, Paranormal (Angels)
Trailer: Here.


Nora Grey's life is still far from perfect. Surviving an attempt on her life wasn't pleasant, but at least she got a guardian angel out of it. A mysterious, magnetic, gorgeous guardian angel. But despite his role in her life, Patch has been acting anything but angelic. He's more elusive than ever (if that's possible) and what's worse, he seems to be spending time with Nora's archenemy, Marcie Millar.

Nora would have hardly noticed Scott Parnell, an old family friend who has moved back to town, if Patch hadn't been acting so distant. Even with Scott's totally infuriating attitude, Nora finds herself drawn to him - despite her lingering feelings that he is hiding something.

If that weren't enough, Nora is haunted by images of her murdered father, and comes to question whether her Nephilim bloodline has anything to do with his death. Desperate to figure out what happened, she puts herself in increasingly dangerous situations to get the answer. But maybe some things are better left buried, because the truth could destroy everything - and everyone - she trusts.

What in the world is wrong with Nora?


After being swept away by Hush, Hush (am referring to my lovely experience of re-reading it), I knew that I have to get through Crescendo as soon as possible. I am hooked, seriously hooked to Patch. And I know you can't blame me, people.

So after Nora sacrificed herself to kill Chauncey, Patch's nephilim vassal, this should have made Patch human. But Patch rejected it so Nora wouldn't die and Patch became her guardian angel instead. Everything seemed to be falling into place however, Nora broke up with Patch. She felt like Patch turned his back on her after she confessed she loves him and chose to cheat with Marcie Millar. As if on cue, Scott, her childhood friend, came back to town after his parents divorced and weird things started to happen. Weird things like Nora seeing his dead dad so alive in a cafeteria, Vee dating Rixon and Scott talking to her in her mind.

I have so much hate for Nora in this book. The frustration and anger I never thought I would feel exploded in my face because SHE IS SOOOOOO DARN RIDICULOUS. Her decisions made me want to pluck her out of the book and set her and Marcie on fire together and I wouldn't stop until I see their ashes on the ground! She is unbelievable and impossible. I cannot even tell you how hard she frustrated the heck out of me. People are trying to protect her but she kept toying with danger. She is a death magnet. Gaaaaah!

But despite the hate I have for Nora, there were moments I saw sense in her *rolls eyes* decisions. She had these good intentions but her executions were just tough shots. Like how she broke up with Patch. I hated her (after two chapters) when she acted so immature and self-centered though I know she just wanted to save Patch from being banished to hell forever. Like how she kept coming to Vee for help when she knows she's putting her bestfriend in danger and the worst part was her jealously. I understand where all those came from but hell, I couldn't handle her childishness. Even though I wanted to strangle Marcie's neck with my belt, she still should have trusted Patch and she should have known better. Marcie's a bitch and she's capable of ruining someone's life. But Nora took Marcie's words and didn't believe Patch at all. What kind of a person is she really? She couldn't love Patch deeply just like how she claims if she couldn't trust the damn boy! She even had the decency to use Scott to make him jealous! Then she went all that way to steal Marcie's diary but didn't read it! Plus, the fact that she's trying to outsmart the angels gave me headache. What part of "angels" didn't she understand? GAAAAAH NORA!!!!!

I also saw some inconsistencies with the story. What happened to Elliot after the incident in Hush, Hush? I felt like he was totally cut off from the series altogether which find odd because I think, he's an important character, too. Was it also that easy to elude the police about Chauncey's death? How did the oath of fealty truly work? And why is suddenly Rixon the bad guy? I didn't see it coming because it felt off to begin with. Patch and Rixon have been friends for how many centuries and what, just like that Rixon was instantly the villain? I don't buy it. I gave Patch more credit than he deserves so, no. I just wouldn't buy that Rixon the villan part.

Again, despite these conflicting emotions I have for Crescendo, I still rated it 4 stars when it could have been 1 or 2. The reason behind is I strongly liked how Hush, Hush and Crescendo made me cancel everything in my damn boring life to just read it. The story is pulling me that I swam smoothly with its flow. I liked and enjoyed watching Nora ruin her life and push the love of her life away from her, I liked how she learns from her mistakes and what made me connect to the story isn't the Paranormal aspect but more on the contemporary aspect of it. I had this mighty connection to Nora's feelings that covers up the hate I have for her stupidity. Did that make sense? And hello??? PAAAAAAAAAAAATCH!!!! Also, that freaking ending!!!! There is no way she is sisters with that Marcie the bitch. I hope it's just another plot twist.

What I am now expecting from Silence is more maturity and consistency because I would hate to hate this series. Am hoping it wouldn't come to that.

Crescendo got the best of me. The mix of loss, frustration and anxiety nearly drove me mad that putting it down will just add up to the agony! A gripping paranormal story that would put you on the edge, Crescendo didn't disappoint. Crazy plot twists I almost couldn't handle with swoon worth romance my heart couldn't almost take, it was truly, absolutely one heck of a ride!

"..the moment I fell in love with you was the moment you'd leave."
"..I didn't want to spend the rest of my life alone and tortured by the knowledge that everything I'd done meant nothing without [Patch]."
"The anger was beginning to wear off, but mostly I wished I could stay caught up in its fever forever. The emptiness it left behind ached more than the sharp, fiery pain I'd felt when [Patch] walked out."
"I cared about us. But the cold truth was, nothing I said or did could change the stars."
"Just because it's in the past doesn't mean it's easy to forget."

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Title: Kiss of Broken Glass
Author: Madeleine Kuderick
Edition: Paperback
Published: September 9, 2014
Publisher: HarperTeen
Pages: 224
Source: ARC provided by the publisher
Genre: Contemporary, Realistic Fiction (Mental Illness)
Trailer: Not available.


Madeleine Kuderick’s gripping debut is a darkly beautiful and lyrical novel in verse, perfect for fans of Sonya Sones and Laurie Halse Anderson. Kiss of Broken Glass pulses with emotion and lingers long after the last page.

In the next seventy-two hours, Kenna may lose everything—her friends, her freedom, and maybe even herself. One kiss of the blade was all it took to get her sent to the psych ward for seventy-two hours. There she will face her addiction to cutting, though the outcome is far from certain.

When fifteen-year-old Kenna is found cutting herself in the school bathroom, she is sent to a facility for mandatory psychiatric watch. There, Kenna meets other kids like her—her roommate, Donya, who’s there for her fifth time; the birdlike Skylar; and Jag, a boy cute enough to make her forget her problems . . . for a moment.
Kiss of Broken Glass is the first book I've read which is in "story in verse" format. I find it intriguing. I don't have any idea how the story would be told (would it be using huge words or would it be conversational English or would it rhyme?) but I was surprised by how easy the reading process was. I usually write thoughts this way and it wasn't complicated for me to connect to the character and the story because I felt the heart of it behind the simplicity. I liked it. I enjoyed it. I felt it.

This story is a sensitive one -- about self-harming, depression, mental illness, peer pressure -- and I believe it was perfectly executed. I know am an adult know but I went through most of these things when I was a teen. The book exposes what some teens go through in a way that would make people understand them and not make fun of them. Kiss of Broken Glass took a risk in this one, not all of us could grasp this but I loved how I was able to see it through Kenna's point of view. It was really scary but truly educating.

Kenna opened doors to how we as humans affect each other. Affirmation and appreciation from our parents strongly contribute to what and how we'll become while simple yet hurtful words can destroy an entire life, may we mean them or not. The story gave me emotions I've buried long time ago because some wounds don't heal easily. This story embraced me that I melted in to its shoulders. I felt like finally, someone heard and noticed my story.

Kiss of Broken Glass is a life reflected on paper. It catches the sad reality of what people go through and envisions positive ways for a better approach. Emotionally draining yet utterly enlightening, this story surely reaches the heart not only to sting it but make you feel alive.

Thank you so much HarperCollins International for the review copy!

"Silent sobbing. No one sees.
Weeping like the willow trees.
Feel my heart about to pop.
Need to make the aching stop.
See moon's shimmer softly pass.
On the shards of broken glass."

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews that showcases newly acquired books or goodies we bought, received or borrowed during the week.

After a month (this was September) of being almost blind because I couldn't wear my contact lenses straight for 8 hours at work, I needed to get glasses I could wear anytime, anywhere. My contacts are irritating my eyes and I get headaches so I have to remove them while at work. I almost fell twice while walking because I couldn't see where I was going. So, I spent my last pay (I quit my job) scouring optical stores for the frame that fits my huge face and I finally found the last piece! It was also on sale!! Then I went to National Bookstore again to buy these books for the Claudia Gray and Madeleine Roux Book Signing Event! (and that was October.)

BOUGHT: (All signed)
* Asylum (Asylum #1) by Madeleine Roux
* Sanctum (Asylum #2) by Madeleine Roux
* A Thousand Pieces of You (Firebird #1) by Claudia Gray

For some reason, I wasn't able to finish my coffee which was weird because I love frappes. Well, I alos spotted some awesome book tabs from Daiso, a Japanese store with cheap finds!

Thank you National Bookstore, Pacific Blue + Ideal Vision for my uber awesome glasses and Daiso!

What did you get this week?

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