Tuesday, September 2, 2014

#BookPhotogProject (02): HEMLOCK SERIES.

It is the time of the month again for my #BookPhotogProject post! This month, am going to feature one of my all time favorite Paranormal series and I couldn't babble enough about this!

I found out about this series when I was a book blog newbie through the first blogger I ever been friends with: Liz of Midnight Bloom Reads. She was anticipating the release of the book and as a newbie in the industry, I got curious. I was immediately intrigued by the synopsis and I was fortunate enough to snag a copy (that time, it was difficult to find titles locally). I loved it ever since. Then a year after, the sequel came out and I would like to thank the publisher for sending me a finished copy! It was, without a doubt, another mind blowing sequel. Ohmygosh. I am reliving the feels.

Not only that, I was so lucky that I get to be Twitter friends with the author. She shows so much support and appreciation for the things bloggers do and the bloggers themselves. I tell you, she's no snob. Whenever I tweet her that I miss talking to her, she never misses a reply no matter how busy she is. I love that aside from the uber swoon worthy novels she shared with the world, she manages to be friends with her fans and she makes us feel important. I just also wanted to thank this author for being awesome. She is really awesome, guys!

What is this series and who is this author? Here. Let me show you.

My Blurb for Hemlock:

Kathleen Peacock made a mark with her debut novel, Hemlock. It is such a wonderful read that I seriously cannot put down. The novel is paranormal slash mystery slash romance rolled into one. It is incredibly written and honestly, there are no dull moments in it! It is beautiful from inside-out that one would wish for book two right away. I would definitely read it again. Over and over and over again.
My Blurb for Thornhill:

Thornhill is a delicious and mysterious novel which is the perfect sequel for Hemlock! Peacock really does know how to surprise her readers with all the unexpected thrilling action and heart breaking romance! I honestly couldn't ask for more! Thornhill is exciting, riveting and unputdownable!
Don't have seconds thoughts about this series because I guarantee, 1000%, this series is perfect and absolutely remarkable. Seriously.

In line with this, let me also thank Kathleen Peacock for writing Hemlock, Thornhill and Willowgrove, for being an inspiration and Twitter friend. Thank you for being approachable and sweet, too! Also, thank you Sarah of Harpercollins for sending Thornhill last year. Thank you guys for letting the bookish industry have the chance to engulf such a phenomenal series! I cannot wait to read Willowgrove.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

PS: Jason is mine, okay?

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