Friday, August 1, 2014

#BookPhotogProject (01): SPLINTERED SERIES.

Hi guys! You might be wondering what this new feature for the blog is all about. I couldn't stop babbling about it on Twitter. But before I start talking details about it, let me just clarify things. I haven't done a single research about MY feature. If ever there's already a similar meme, I didn't intend to copy or something. I feel like I've thought of this first haha and up to this point, am still believing that am the first one to do this. So there.

This feature is going to be posted every first of the month. And what I really wanted to showcase here are the books I totally, absolutely, definitely loved. But not just in a review form, though. Am going to try to pursue my (postponed hobby) love for photos. Am not a photographer of some sort (not professionally,anyway) but I just really like and enjoy taking photos. Combining my passion for pictures and love for books, I came up with this feature called

For my first #BookPhotogProject post, am going to put AG Howard's Splintered series in the spotlight.

Camera: Samsung S3 - Location: At home - Photo Editor: VSCoCam and Phonto.

There is no doubt about the love I feel for this series. The moment I finished reading Splintered, I was blown away by everything about it (Please see 8/5 star review of Splintered here and 4/5 star review of Unhinged here) I couldn't stop thinking of Morpheus (am Team Morpheus) and the sequel, Unhinged. I was left in awe and in so much thirst for the next one. I wish there are more ways for me to tell you guys how much fantastic this series is. The world building and characters are amazing and the romance is a killer.

I am not only featuring Splintered series because of the lovely covers or you know, the stories. I wanted to also share how lovely AG Howard is. I have never met her and only worked/talked/giggled/fangirled with her online but the sincerity, kindness and sweetness she have shown me is unbelievable. I hope that one day, I will be given a chance to meet her. Because that would be awesome.

I would also like to thank Tina and Abrams and Chronicle UK for Splintered and Unhinged hard bounds, Unhinged ARC and necklace I won on their Facebook contest. Thank you so much, Anita. I will hold on to you promise that you won't ever change no matter how popular you become.

PS: I just wanna let you know people, that is the real key to Wonderland. :)

I hope you enjoyed my new but not super ambitious feature and hope you guys would continue to support! Till next month's #BookPhotogProject !!


  1. Good job on this one Kate! Really love the covers of the Splintered series tho I haven't read them yet! And what are you talking about!? Your phone camera takes a gorgeous photo! :) I guess it's all in the lighting! Can't wait for more! Seriously! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Jayvee! And you should really start reading this series because OMG.


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