Monday, June 23, 2014


Dear Jenny Han,

Hi! Did you enjoy our fresh mango juice?

I just want to thank you, first of all, for granting National Bookstore's request for a book signing event. And second, this is just to let you know also that I had a blast meeting you last Saturday, June 21. I enjoyed Burn for Burn and To All the Boys I've Loved Before and having my books signed by you, cutie Jenny, is one of the joys of being a book blogger. Aside from being with my awesome bookish friends, meeting and knowing you a little more are the highlights of the day.


How did it feel that you finally met some of hard core fans? While others were asking you questions, I was so busy staring at you and taking notes of your answers. Through this interview, we got the chance to know you a little bit deeper and again, thank you for giving us this chance. You're so tiny and shy and we totally loved your nails! (You rocked your dress, by the way.) Here are some of the questions you happily answered. Since is a recap slash written in a letter form slash inspired by To All The Boys, I have to include these:

🔼 That you would bring the Bible along with 2 other books if you get stranded on an island.
🔼 That you and your sister are pretty close and she gets to take care of you as much as she can.
🔼 That you don't outline much when you write thus there's nothing much you can share yet about PS: I love you.
🔼 That you totally loved our shirts (To All the Boys inspired) and we totally loved your nails.
🔼 That if you were in Lara Jean's shoes, you would lie, lie, lie.
🔼 That the Summer Trilogy is a little bit inspired by your first love.
🔼 That you find it harder to write stories for kids.
🔼 That you usually write in the afternoon.
🔼 That you did write love letters in the past as a way to move on.
🔼 That your American/Korean heritage influenced your writing a lot.
🔼 That Shug, To All the Boys and Summer trilogy have something in common: first love and siblings' relationship because those are what you love most to write about.
🔼 That you have your nailarts done by a Japanese salon in NY called Studio L (if I spelled that right) and you have nailart blog:
🔼 That the difference between writing on your own and collaborating with another author is like how you have to discipline your own kid then collaborating is more like sharing the responsibility of disciplining someone's else kid with their parent.
🔼 That you and Siobhan worked on your books by planning the whole book out together.
🔼 That there would be no spinoffs for Jeremiah.
🔼 That you have 3 more stories your wanted to write, hoping you would not run out of stories to tell.
🔼 That if you have to be in one of your books, you would choose to be a nanny and enjoy food and wine.
🔼 That Peter Kavinsky is more like James Marsden.
🔼 That you tend to write smaller stories and you find it more intimate. Fantasy world buildings are huge.
🔼 That you think it is healthy to write love letters to the people you love instead of having the guts to tell them in person. It is all about who writes the letters. It is kind of figuring out how you feel as you write the letter.
🔼 That your book Shug will always be special to you.

My signed goodies!
I had so much not not only seeing my book blogger friends, JB and Chad but also because it was just so nice to meet you, Jenny! It was a fun day! Thank you so much for being so sweet and I truly hope that you enjoyed your stay!



Thank you Simon and Schuster for the Ashes to Ashes ARC. Thank you also National Bookstore for bring so many awesome authors in our country. You guys are the best! Really!!


Thank you again, Jenny!

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