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After being awake for so long because of work, I still managed to attend National Bookstore's Book Launch Event for Kate Evangelista's Til Death. It was my first time attending such event and oh boy, the pride I have for being a Filipina has never been this dominant. It was also my first time attending a book signing with a local author and I am telling you, it was just surreal! AND THE FOOD? So so good! Kate Evangelista's Til Death, first book in the Fractured Souls Trilogy, was published by Entangled Teen and this is I believe her 6th book out already. She's a Filipina Author and saying she is beautiful is simply an understatement. Man, her eyes. YOU'LL SWIM IN BEAUTY ONCE YOU STARE AT THEM! I couldn't help but fangirl because aside from we're namesakes, she's very friendly, sweet and accommodating. Her close friends and Mom were there at the event and one would really be able to tell where she got her stunning looks!

But anyway, Filipina Author Mina Esguerra hosted the event. She wrote Interrim Goddess series among others. She's so adorable and approachable. The interview lasted only for 15 minutes tops and here's what we've all learned about Kate:
What about Paranormal Genre that inspires her to write?
  • Paranormal Genre is fascinating that it takes us away from everyday life. With Paranormal, she thinks we can sprinkle magic into everything. 
Til Death is the first book in the Fractured Souls series so when did she start writing it?
  • Til Death is a part of the first 3 books she wrote. It was written during a part of her life when she's still learning about writing and publishing.
Does she have actors in mind that she pegged for her characters?
  • When she writes, her characters are already a part of her or basically made up in her head. She doesn't associate these characters with actors only with the exception of Luca. She thinks Alex Pettyfer suits the character.
Was she able to sneak in some Filipino Culture in her stories?
  • She did in Taste but she's not sure if she did in Til Death because the latter was set in rural Wyoming. She sneaks Filipino Culture only if it would fit in the story.
How many books can we expect in the Fractured Souls series?
  • This series is only a trilogy.
How did she make the hierarchy of the Illuminari in Til Death?
  • Just like in playing RPG games, they have to level up when they reach a certain power level or finish a task. The more they compete, the higher they level up.
Why set the story in Wyoming?
  • She needs a place remote and big enough for the supernatural to happen so it wouldn't draw attention to normal people especially the police.
Does she have non-paranormal books?
  • Yes, she does have. Its a adult contemporary novel.
Will she write books set in the Philippines?
  • Yes. She has started one already and she's 3 chapters in. Its a dystopian one which involves robots.
How many books she's writing simultaneously?
  • She has to finish 11 books so she's writing 5 at the moment.
Since they are talking about how busy she is, what about "This is fun" for her?
  • She refer to herself as a glorified typist because its ABOUT her characters are telling their stories to her.
How did her career in the States start?
  • It is more of querying agents. Though she said writers don't necessarily need agents because with Entangled, writers can submit their stories given that they've followed the submission guidelines because that's what she did. Her advice is to finish as many books as possible then submit so in case one would get rejected, she can always submit the other. Then submit to multiple publishers so writers would also have choices.
What kind of response has she been getting for her books?
  • Mixed response. She likes mixed responses. That's a part that shows she's doing her job as a writer. It scares her when she thinks she's only going to get praises because she wouldn't have rooms for improvement. And that she loves the fact that she's reaching wider audience. 
How many rejections did she have to go through?
  • She can cover the entire room with her rejection slips. Rejection doesn't mean you're a bad writer. It only means the publisher doesn't see a way to help you market it. Which is a good thing. She said writers should go for agents and publishers that will champion her characters and totally love her stories.
Kate Evangelista (black dress) being interviewed by Mina Esguerra.
Of course, me and my blogger friends didn't get side tracked because of FOOD. We attacked the SIOMAI (dimsum) and iced tea like crazy because crazy people are crazy and I love being with these crazy people! A bookish event wouldn't be complete without them. So we snapped a ton of photos, exchanged bookish ideas and thoughts, ate a lot and after the signing, we've stayed in Starbucks Glorietta 4 and didn't notice it was late already!

The #PHYABookBloggers with JB of National Bookstore!
During the signing with Kate and Mina!
L-R: Algel from Tea-rrific Reads, Camelle from Home of a Book Lover, Dianne from Oops, I Read a Book Again,
Leslie from Bibliophile Kid, Kai from Amaterasu Reads, Kazhy from My Library in the Making,
Kate from The Bookaholic Blurbs, Jhed from When Books Defy Gravity and Kate Evangelista
(thanks to Jhed for the photo)

Thank you so so much for hosting another fun event and thank you also to Kate Evangelista for sharing this memorable day in her life with us! Congratulations on the book launch and

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