Monday, March 31, 2014



Wow. Time seems to be in a hurry that it flies way too fast! I couldn't believe that The Walking Dead Season 4 just ended and we all have to wait for sevens months for Season 5. I don't want it to end yet! And OMG summer is here! I don't hate it but I don't love it either. Summer here in the Philippines is obnoxious that the air could burn you. Thank goodness for my room isn't that hot but it doesn't help at all when it comes to reading. I fall asleep fast! How would you want to spend your summer though?

Here's my awesome March recap! Am so happy I reviewed a few titles!

March 01 - March 2014 New Release Picks.

March 03 - 4/5 stars for Jennifer L. Armentrout's OBSIDIAN.

March 06 - 2/5 stars for Lauren Oliver's PANIC.

March 12 - 5/5 stars for Richelle Mead's VAMPIRE ACADEMY.

March 17 - Kate Evangelista's TIL DEATH Book Launch.

March 20 - 4/5 stars for Jennifer E. Smith's THIS IS WHAT HAPPY LOOKS LIKE.

March 25 - 8/5 stars for Colleen Hoover's MAYBE SOMEDAY.

March 30 - Becca Fitzpatrick in Manila (Bloggers Forum).

And before I end my recap, I would also want to share the book/s that I truly loved and can blurb about 24/7/365 here. The title/s not only made me fall in love with it but the impact it has on me is tremendously strong that I have book hangover for days!

And the Book of the Month for March 2014 is

My blurb:

"Maybe Someday may have ended too perfectly but it ended the way it should. The idea of this story isn't totally applicable in real life but it gives a little spark of hope that the heart could wait and could find the one that beats the same way. Wrong as it may sound, but love will always take its own course to the right person no matter how wrong circumstances may be and it will take as long as it could until the time is right. Maybe Someday made cry ocean and seriously tore my heart apart. Hoover did it again. The story she created rendered my entire existence speechless and my heart shattered. Maybe Someday is absolutely a tear-inducing novel that will mess your feelings up but will plant love deeply to your heart. Then rip it."

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