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Helloooooooooooooooo gorgeous people!!

I failed to make a separate January 2014 recap only because I believe I only posted two reviews for that month. I was on a complete blog/reading hiatus the whole month of December 2013 and it continued till January hence, not a lot of reviews. But I am slowly trying to be THAT active on the blog and I don't want to force myself anymore to avoid burn outs. So here's the Recap for January and February!
~ JANUARY 2014 ~
January 01 - January New Releases.

January 03 - 5/5 stars for Jennifer Nielsen's RUNAWAY KING.

January 23 - Gayle Forman's Blogger Forum and Book Signing in Manila Recap!

January 29 - 4/5 stars for Rosamund Hodge's CRUEL BEAUTY.
~ FEBRUARY 2014 ~
February 10 - 8/5 stars for Tahereh Mafi's IGNITE ME.

February 13 - 3/5 stars for John Green's THE FAULT IN OUR STARS.

February 14 - Valentines Feature: My Fictional Boyfriendssss v2.

February 15 - Stacking the Shelves: The Collective Haul Edition.

February 20 - 4/5 stars for AG Howard's UNHINGED.

February 28 - January and February 2014 Recap + Books of the Month.

And before I end my recaps, I would also want to share the book/s that I truly loved and can blurb about 24/7/365 here. The title/s not only made me fall in love with it but the impact it has on me is tremendously strong that I have book hungover for days!
~ January Book of the Month ~
My Blurb:

"Nielsen never disappoints. Not in any aspect of the book. The plot was stunning, the writing was witty and "accent" sexy, characters are all well developed and thought of and the twists of every event leads to discoveries not only of secrets but motives and truth. The Runaway King deserves so much that I couldn't type and collect the right words to explain how satisfied I am with the story. Truly mind blowing. One of a kind. Magnificent."
~ February Book of the Month ~

My Blurb:

"I am sad. Sad that the series is now over. That I won't be seeing MORE of my Shatter Me crew. But I am happy. Happy that an extraordinary story ended in an ultramagnetic sonic way. Ignite Me exceeded my sky rocketing expectations that I think, I will never be this satisfied with any other series conclusion ever. Mafi made my standards so high I cannot almost see it. Ignite Me is a book and a story that will leave you asking, WHAT HAPPENED TO MY HEART."

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