Sunday, November 3, 2013


*Note: This post has been drafted for so long that I just couldn't find the right time to publish it. But I think it is about time now.*

What I discovered a few months after I joined the book blogging community is Advance Reading Copies or finished copies for review for that matter. At first, I was tremendously jealous of those established book bloggers abroad because of their blog statistics and their massive book mail haul weekly (you would see it here). I can only salivate much HAHAHA! But seriously, I was envious all the time and been so negative about it. But I feel like at this point, I am over it.

I am over the jealous stage not because I have an established blog nor sky rocketing statistics. I am over it because I REALIZED THAT IN THIS "CAREER", YOU REALLY HAVE TO WORK HARD AND BE PATIENT. Followers will come and go, page views will go up and down. But you just have to push yourself and never give up because eventually, you will get there. Which actually leads to my main reason for this post:


It is very difficult to acquire contacts. Those precious email addresses of publicists aren't going to popup anywhere on the internet with just one click. I remember THAT time when I was trying to search for Random House's publicity email which took 5 hours but still, I got nothing. I couldn't find the correct publicity email for my location and honestly? I was DEVASTATED. It was just THAT hard to search for it, so frustrating that I couldn't find such a simple information. I gave up. Then I tried to search for MacMillan US'. But I thought, since I have a friend who has been receiving ARCs already from the said publisher, I asked her DIRECTLY for the email address which luckily, she gave without hesitations. You know what, I felt bad after. I felt that what I did was unfair. THAT friend might have gone through the excruciating way of finding that contact. I REALLY FELT BAD.   I apologized recently So the next time I encountered issues requesting from MacMillan US, I asked another friend -- this time, for HELP. I asked her HOW TO FIND the correct imprint that caters to our location and she did walk me through. After GOOGLE-ing for half an hour or so, I found the contact! IT WAS JUST SO REWARDING! And from then on, I just keep on researching about imprints and luckily, I found several active contacts.


Lately, I've been asked a lot about contact's email addresses. And I thought, why? Why just ask? Why not crack your knuckles and start working on finding one? I don't find it rude if co-bloggers ask me directly for the emails addresses I found but rather suspicious. Just like what Lili mentioned on her post about the same issue, if she did it, why can't other people do the same? I mean, can't you try to at least search on Google or go to the publisher's website and click on CONTACT US? We should do our part as book reviewers -- a lesson learned the hard way. And one part of blogging is BEING HARD WORKING. Don't be lazy (like what I did) and bluntly ask friends for contacts because believe me, it is so hard to find one.

I admit that I traded contacts with friends. It was fun at first and I think it is a fair thing to do but as time goes by, this clever thought came to mind -- I have to stop trading contacts. And what offends me is that a lot of people just revert to asking directly for the info. Nope, won't do it again.


Whether you are an established blogger or a newbie (don't get me wrong, am not even close to being an established blogger), please refrain from asking for direct contacts. What I would prefer to hear at this point probably would be: how-to questions -- How to search for contacts, what key words I used in searching, how do I compose my email etc and I will gladly help! But again, please, DO NOT ask directly for the contacts to simply show respect to what others have worked hard on. Plus, isn't it a little awkward to ask someone you don't even know for such vital info?

These post from Ashley of Nose Graze are definitely helpful:

I am skeptical about publishing this Huddle post because I am afraid some people might find the contents offensive, rude or conceited. I do not intend to offend anyone or directly question blogger's intention. This is merely what I feel/think whenever I get asked to give out contacts.


  1. As always, great post, Kate! :) You already know my thoughts on this but it's great that someone was brave enough to publicly talk about it. It's an issue that everyone, I'm sure, goes through and I'm glad that you put up this post because now people know what other people feel when this happens to them. I guess you could call it blogger etiquette. Thanks for sharing, Lady! ♥

    1. Thank you, Lady! As I've said on Twitter, am nervous about posting this because people might take it the wrong way. I just have to let it all out.

  2. Great post. It's something I've not really come up against much. I've been guilty for asking someone for a contact (twice) but have also offered up contacts to fellow bloggers at the same time. Kind of a mutual scratching of backs. I've never felt particularly offended because I know how difficult it is to find these contacts. Yes they are precious, but I figure that what it comes down to is spreading the love of said book in question. I don't really mind that people ask me for contacts - I'd never thought of it as a particularly offensive thing so this post has definitely opened my eyes to this side of it. I mean, yeah, I've found it slightly cheeky asking someone but both bloggers that I've approached about it have been one that I know (from school/ uni etc) and one that I often comment on the blog of/ tweet to, so it kind of felt fine.
    I can definitely understand why people get annoyed by it though. I mean, it is very difficult finding them, but it isn't something that I tend to feel often. If it was a complete stranger asking me for a contact it might be different. Perhaps. Good post though hun, very thought provoking :)

    1. I totally get the part where we should spread the love for books, but my point is just it is too difficult to find a contact. I also don't find it offensive but a little annoying when the same person keeps on asking over and over.

      Thank you so much for your input, Leah!

    2. Ahh annoying I meant - sorry used to wrong word! :)
      Yeah I can completely understand if it's a constant thing. People should keep a list of contacts that they gather to avoid those issues! x

  3. Great post! I guess I made this mistake in the beginning when I was new to the whole ARC world - and I saw an international blogger with ARC'S. So I asked her how she did it and I guess that is, in a certain way, a bit lazy. I did everything myself though (from making contact to finding the email), but I probably could have done it myself :) So I don't think I would be very harsh to a newbie if they would contact me, but I wouldn't hand them all the information they need. I can see that it is annoying when someone asks you for contacts and almost seems to expect you will give it to them. There is a line between asking advice and help or demanding stuff because you're lazy.

    1. I think we all went through that phase. I have anothing against being asked about contacts but what I preferred to hear are t he how tos and not like the exact contact info. Am always helpful! :)


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