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Title: Attachments
Author: Rainbow Rowell
Series: Stand alone
Edition: Paperback
Published: February, 2012 by Orion
Pages: 368
Source: Bought from Fullybooked
Category: Romance, Adult, Contemporary


"Hi, I'm the guy who reads your e-mail, and also, I love you . . . "

Beth Fremont and Jennifer Scribner-Snyder know that somebody is monitoring their work e-mail. (Everybody in the newsroom knows. It's company policy.) But they can't quite bring themselves to take it seriously. They go on sending each other endless and endlessly hilarious e-mails, discussing every aspect of their personal lives.

Meanwhile, Lincoln O'Neill can't believe this is his job now- reading other people's e-mail. When he applied to be "internet security officer," he pictured himself building firewalls and crushing hackers- not writing up a report every time a sports reporter forwards a dirty joke.

When Lincoln comes across Beth's and Jennifer's messages, he knows he should turn them in. But he can't help being entertained-and captivated-by their stories.

By the time Lincoln realizes he's falling for Beth, it's way too late to introduce himself.

What would he say?


Attachments is the novel-version of my life.

This novel isn't my first adult novel read but it is the first one I ever reviewed here on the blog. Since Eleanor and Park, I just knew that whatever Rowell writes, I would read and love. I wasn't surprised I enjoyed this despite the mixed reviews because aside from Rowell creates a very easy-to-relate story, her writing style simply amuses me. Hence, my loyalty to her and her books.

Lincoln is the male version of me. Well, almost. A guy who, at his late twenties, still tries to figure out what he wants to do or what he's good at. He's big yet good looking and reserved yet smart. After his high school girl friend cheated on him, its as if his world stop revolving. Like his entire life only orbits on Sam. He isn't even enjoying his decent paying job - Internet Security personnel on a press company. He is paid by reading flagged emails and sending warnings to not use the company resource for personal use. Bored enough, he stumbled upon Beth and Jennifer's email conversation and got hooked. He knows it's unethical but he's fascinated by Beth's kindness and how smart is. Until Beth starts to talk about her Cute Guy and Lincoln feels jealous. He keeps reading their emails until he figures out he likes Beth and discovers that her Cute Guy is him.

Rowell set the story in 1999 and am starting to think this author is so attached to the late 80's and early 90's. I LOVED THAT. It is just so easy to relate to it plus I loved reminiscing how simple life was. No complications at all. You don't even have to worry about smart phones or not having wifi connectivity during the time. Everything's basic and you couldn't name a thing that will not require effort. Like snail mail and courtship among the likes. Fashion is fashion but it doesn't require too much skin. You get to talk A LOT with people. You actually live a life. *not that am complaining.* Rowell assured that Attachments is nostalgic enough that one would wish life is still simple. Attachments not only is a fun read but it makes you appreciate the old times more. I really love her writing style - straight to the point without losing what it intends to imply in a witty way. And indeed, Attachments is a novel I haven't read in the past! It is overflowing with uniqueness.

The friendship in the story, doesn't matter whose side, is like chest full of treasure. The genuineness, legitimacy, loyalty and respect are too valuable to lose. It is the kind of friendship that bonds with heart through the years and isn't easily swayed with shallowness or childishness. I specifically adored Jennifer and Beth's. Though I've only seen glimpses of what they share through their emails, I believe that they have something so strong and special. They embody an ideal best friendship and that their familiarity with each other amplifies their friendship even more.

The romance between Beth and Chris, however, is a little predictable. I felt that their 8-year relationship is destined to fail. And I was absolutely right. I loved that there are bits and pieces of myself I see in Beth, Jennifer and Lincoln that made it totally easy to relate to these characters. And the best part I loved most is how Lincoln and Beth's met. It is stunningly "movie-cute" and romantic! Fate really made their paths cross in a love before the first sight kind of way.

Attachments is such a rare book. When I say rare, it is something you haven't read before. It is unique and quirky. It hones the ability to adapt and the strength to let go. The way everything fits together is one of a kind and there is nothing one wouldn't enjoy about this! Rowell sure knows how to write romantic novels that would leave a smile to the lips and to the heart.

"There are moments when you can't believe something wonderful is happening. And there are moments when your entire consciousness is filled with knowing absolutely that something wonderful is happening."
"I want someone whose heart is big enough to hold me."


  1. Unique and quirky, those are definitely two words that make me intrigued! The way you described the friendship sounds perfect :)

    1. I super enjoyed this Mel! You should give it a try! :)


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