Thursday, October 31, 2013


I wasn't able to meet my "one post a day" goal for the month because I was too busy with work. We were on product training and we stayed at the office for 12 hours a day. During weekends, I do my chores and well, a little bit of reading so there's that. BUT!!!! I have purchased a lot of books this month so bye bye savings and screw book buying ban! I will never be able to do it again!

And that sadly, I don't have an Author of the Month for October. 

October 01: October New Releases Picks.

October 02: Waiting on Wednesday (38): Frozen by Erin Bowman.

October 03: 5/5 stars for Robyn Schneider's THE BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING.

October 04: 2/5 stars for Leila Sales' THIS SONG WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE.

October 04: Feature and Follow Friday (30)

October 05: Stacking the Shelves (34): The Second Set Edition!

October 06: 3/5 stars for Victoria Lamb's WITCHSTRUCK.

October 07: 4/5 stars for Courtney Summers' SOME GIRLS ARE.

October 08: Top Ten Tuesday (4): Top Ten Worst/Best Series Enders.

October 09: Waiting on Wednesday (39): Avalon by Mindee Arnett.

October 10: 3/5 stars for Kat Zhang's WHAT'S LEFT OF ME.

October 12: Stacking the Shelves (35): The Last Edition!

October 14: 8/5 stars for C.J. Redwine's DECEPTION.

October 19: Stacking the Shelves (36): The Font Edition!

October 21: 4/5 stars for Huntley Fitzpatrick's MY LIFE NEXT DOOR.

October 24: 4/5 stars for Kasie West's THE DISTANCE BETWEEN US.

October 26: Stacking the Shelves (37) The Awesome Edition!

October 28: 3/5 stars for Alexandra Coutts' TUMBLE & FALL.

October 29: 5/5 stars for JUST ONE YEAR by Gayle Forman.

October 31: October 2013 Recap + Book of the Month.

And before I end my recap, I would also want to share the book/s that I truly loved and can blurb about 24/7/365 here. The title/s not only made me fall in love with it but the impact it has on me is tremendously strong that I have book hangover for days!

Here are the runners up for this month:

And the Book of the Month for October 2013 is

My Blurb:

"Deception surely tops my Best Sequel of 2013 list. It is overflowing with raw emotions, full blast actions and powerful analytical concept. It is truly a mind-blowing sequel that no one would forget easily. It tore my bookish defense wall brick by brick and didn't leave me with sufficient strength to move on. IT IS MY KIND OF SEQUEL. ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SEQUELS EVER WRITTEN."

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