Saturday, August 31, 2013


Hello Blurbies! What do you know? It is the last day of August today and we will be welcoming the lovely season of BER months tomorrow! I can definitely feel the Christmas season which is fast approaching and am quite excited for September because of book releases and it is my BIRTH MONTH! Wooot! This month has been a full blast month for me because I was able to meet my goal: One post a day! I feel so accomplished! So here's what I did this month:

August 01: August 2013 Release Picks.

August 02: Author of the Month: JENNIFER NIELSEN.

August 03: Huddle Post 4: Quarter-Book Life Crisis.

August 04: Outstanding Crown for Cristin Terrill's ALL OUR YESTERDAYS.

August 05: 5/5 stars for Colleen Hoover's LOSING HOPE.

August 06: Huddle Post 5: Plagiarism Take 2.

August 07: Waiting On Wednesday 31: The Infinite Moment of Us by Lauren Myracle.

August 08: Book Signing Intro: Margaret Stohl, Melessa Dela Cruz and Alyson Noel's Book Signing in Manila!

August 09: Cover Revealed: Ignite Me (Shatter Me #3) by Tahereh Mafi.

August 10: Stacking the Shelves 26: The Dream Thieves Edition.

August 11: Kiera Cass's Blogger Forum + Book Signing in Manila Recap + Giveaway.

August 12: 4/5 stars for Kristin Cashore's BITTERBLUE.

August 13: Top Ten Tuesday 1: Favorite Setting.

August 14: Waiting on Wednesday 32: Maybe One Day by Melissa Kantor.

August 15: 2/5 stars for Margaret Stohl's ICONS.

August 16: Feature and Follow Friday 26: Things you've learned about book blogging.

August 17: Stacking The Shelves 27: The NetGalley Edition.

August 18: 3/5 stars for Amy Tintera's REBOOT.

August 19: 4/5 stars for Julie Halpern's THE F-IT LIST.

August 20: Top Ten Tuesday 2: Things that make your life as a reader/blogger easier.

August 21: Waiting on Wednesday 33: Just One Year by Gayle Forman.

August 22: 3/5 stars for Maggie Stiefvater's THE DREAM THIEVES.

August 23: Feature and Follow Friday 27: Book Selfie.

August 24: Stacking the Shelves 28: The Awesome Edition.

August 25: Outstanding Crown for Sarah Maas' CROWN OF MIDNIGHT.

August 26: 5/5 stars for Daisy Whitney's WHEN YOU WERE HERE.

August 27: Top Ten Tuesday 3: Memorable Secondary Characters.

August 28: Waiting on Wednesday 28: The Sound of Letting Go by Stasia Kehoe.

August 29: 2/5 stars for Natalie Whipple's TRANSPARENT.

August 30: Feature and Follow Friday 28: One book for the rest of my life: HEMLOCK.

August 31: Stacking The Shelves 29: The White Edition.

August 31: August 2013 Recap + Book of the Month.

And before I end my recap, I would also want to share the book/s that I truly loved and can blurb about 24/7/365 here. The title/s not only made me fall in love with it but the impact it has on me is tremendously strong that I had book hangover for days (and of course, my personal thoughts on the novel is considered).

It was a phenomenal take on Time Traveling! I fell in love with the mystery and perfect plot development! It was just an incredible read!
My blurb:
All Our Yesterdays is a highly recommended novel that would twist your innards and make your brain cells go haywire! It was such dark, dangerous, action-packed and fast-paced story that would keep you hyperventilating with every flip of the page! It totally loved the nerve-wracking combo of Time Travel and Sci-Fi! And the unrequited romance? HEART-SHATTERING! This, I think, is one of MY novels for the year!

There are no words for this absolutely, trmemduosly and amazingly written sequel! No words!
My Blurb:
Crown of Midnight is such highly (repeat "highly" 1 million times) recommended book to everyone, whatever age-bracket you're at. This is a all-in-one series: bone-breaking action, mind-blowing quests, heart-breaking romance and magical surprise elements that will surely leave you AWED, I cannot express how much I love love love this novel and even though waiting for book 3 is almost the same as being a slave in the Salt Mines, I would willingly and patiently wait -- WITHOUT A SINGLE DROP OF DOUBT IT'D BE AWESOME AND WORTHWHILE.


  1. I've seen All Our Yesterdays everywheerree! The synopsis sounds amazing. One day, I will, I MUST read it. Plus I need to read Thrown of Glass! I have such a sad life. :( Good luck with September though! :D
    Laura @ Music Plus Books

    1. Both books were awesomesauce! Like, really really good! No dull moments! :DD

  2. I can't wait to read my copy from Crown of midnight <3



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