Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. They have topics set every week and we just have to showcase our answers anyway we want to!

1. My calendar/planner. 
- keeping my schedule accurate and polished.

2. My bookshelf.
- I arrange most of them according to date of purchase so I know which book goes first.

3. My phone.
- Its like everything-in-one device. I canNOT live without it.

4. Goodreads. 
- I grab book info from here and also post reviews. And I think this is a very essential part of book blogging. You aren't really a book blogger/lover without this, I think.

5. Post its.
 - For book marking or quotes or important parts of the book.

6. Twitter.
 - for updates, book reservations, bookish talks, blogger friends convo, communicating with Authors and Pubs. I can basically live without Facebook but canNOT without Twitter. I can also rant all day over there.

7. Email. 
- Oh goodness, I never thought I would need my email this bad. I use this for blog tours, galley requests, interview requests and other important things as well.

8. My digicam.
- My phone's camera can be a decent source of picture but sometimes, this captures better especially when I have to edit an image. 

9. Photoshop. 
- For blog beautification. I just normally do texts because I really don't know how to edit faces or any human part so I settle for whatever I can make and Google stuff I don't know, like for tutorials.

I do everything here. Drafting my reviews, surfing.. name it. Its also very important to be because I have EVERYTHING stored here.
Currently, we are experiencing typhoon and flooding here in Manila so am kind of in a panic state at the moment. There's too much moist in my room that I keep checking my unsealed paperbacks. I don't want them to curl. Also, am hungry. Can't go outside to buy anything HAHA..
So what about you Blurbies? How's your day been?


  1. I love using post-its! I always mark quotes or pages I like or want to reflect on and it's really handy for writing reviews. Photoshop is really important for me too since it's were I edit my banners, etc. I don't use my actual planner for blog planning but I use iCal. :D

  2. OOoh nice! Seeing quite a bit of the same picks all around! Have a few of the same here as well!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  3. Great list! I need to get myself a calendar!

  4. Stay safe!

    I use google and my phone for the calendar and it's pretty much become a necessary part of book blogging! Your shelf is awesome, I love how nice and neat it looks!

    Laureen @ Ms. Bibliophile.

  5. Good list, I agree that laptops are needed for blogging and I can see how a bookshelf could help as well.

  6. I heard about the typhoon, stay safe!

    I do a calendar too, keeps things organized. My TBR is a mess though, I read based on my mood so good luck with that.


    1. OMG! It was so bad!

      LOL! I wish I could base it on my mood all the time! Ah its hard though

  7. Great list :3 your digicam is cute too ! :3 and I don't have dates for the book blogging I'm not organized that much D: I'm really having a hard time to organize my time :| haha though I have a planner myself. :))


    1. Thank you! I might sell my digicam soon! LOL


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