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I was on a reading slump for at least 2 weeks and was still having an issue finishing a book. But when I decided to fight it and grabbed my ARC of this title hoping it would bring me back to my reading mood, it did more than that. I was so suddenly awaken by my love for this dystopian novel and I cannot wait to get my hands on book 2!! I am so glad the author finally agreed to be featured on my

What inspired you to write Taken?
It sort of fell into my lap. Well, the story didn't, but Gray did. I was working on a separate manuscript when he started wandering around my head. He was living in isolated town and was dreading his eighteenth birthday. Gray's voice was so clear that I couldn't ignore him. I started asking why—what happened at eighteen that he feared so much?—and the story slowly took shape.

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Why did you choose the dystopian genre?
I've been a fan of dystopian tales for as long as I can remember. They tend to take some of the evils that exist in our own world and amplify them, letting the reader experience a "what if" scenario through the safety of pages. For me, reading about broken worlds and watching people fight back--even when everything is stacked against them--is incredibly inspiring.
That said, I didn't intentionally set out to write a dystopian tale with TAKEN. When I first drafted it, I was just trying to tell the tale of a boy looking to find himself and his way in life. The setting eventually grew to showcase a dystopic backdrop--probably influenced by my love of other dystopian tales--but TAKEN was first and foremost about a boy in search of answers.

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About Erin:
Erin grew up in rural Connecticut, where she spent most of her childhood telling stories. It is rumored that her first words were not “Mama” or “Dada,” but “Once upon a time.” In middle school, when kids were going off to sleep-away camp for the summer, Erin was attending writing camp and penning short stories.

At the Rochester Institute of Technology in upstate New York, Erin studied web design (and minored in Creative Writing because she couldn’t stay away from stories). After several years working in advertising and designing websites for various brands, she has moved on to writing full-time. When not writing, she can often be found hiking, commenting on good typography, and obsessing over all things Harry Potter.

Erin is represented by Sara Crowe of Harvey Klinger. Her debut novel TAKEN will be published by HarperTeen April 16th, 2013. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband.

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I would like to thank Erin for finding time to answer my questions despite of her super busy schedule! I absolutely loved Taken and you can find my review here! I am also currently giving away a copy of Taken for my first blogoversary here! And again, thank you Sarah of HarperCollins for the ARC and Erin for allowing me to feature you!
"Taken is surely a very strong debut novel! The pacing is right, the twists are surprising, the romance is thrilling and the overall plotting is uniquely delivered and I thoroughly loved and enjoyed it! Bowman did a fantastic job in giving us a one of a kind dystopian approach that I would love to read over and over!" - The Bookaholic Blurbs.


  1. I love this author! She's so nice and awesome. I actually went to a book signing for this book and found out she's my old gym teacher's daughter. Nice interview :)

    1. OMG! Really? Am so jealous right now! <3


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