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Title: Breathe (Breathe #1)
Author: Sarah Crossan
Edition: Hard cover
Published: October 2, 2012
Publisher: Greenwillow Books
Pages: 373
Source: Bought from National Book Store
Category: Romance, Dystopia
Trailer: Here.

Inhale. Exhale. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe . . .The world is dead. The survivors live under the protection of Breathe, the corporation that found a way to manufacture oxygen-rich air.

Alina has been stealing for a long time. She's a little jittery, but not terrified. All she knows is that she's never been caught before. If she's careful, it'll be easy. If she's careful.

Quinn should be worried about Alina and a bit afraid for himself, too, but even though this is dangerous, it's also the most interesting thing to happen to him in ages. It isn't every day that the girl of your dreams asks you to rescue her.

Bea wants to tell him that none of this is fair; they'd planned a trip together, the two of them, and she'd hoped he'd discover her out here, not another girl.

And as they walk into the Outlands with two days' worth of oxygen in their tanks, everything they believe will be shattered. Will they be able to make it back? Will they want to?
Breathe is unbelievably outstanding.

Bea, Quinn and Alina's world is a place where the trees and the oceans are dead. It is a place where they have to pay for oxygen or rely to the Ministry's distribution of certain levels of breathing air. When Bea and Quinn decide to take a break outside the Pod, Quinn sees Alina and immediately likes her. Since Alina stole cuts of trees from the Pod which killed her ally Abel, she thinks Quinn could help her escape and lead her back to The Grove.

I honestly can't say how literally breathless I was at the time I finished reading Breathe. It is absolutely the dystopian novel I've been searching for. Looking at our environment now, the world Breathe revolves on to isn't far from reality. It might probably happen few hundred years from now. The idea of buying a tank or certain percentage of air is in fact a very terrifying idea. They no longer have trees but they do genius chemists who formulates the air. Outside the Pod is nothing but gas which kind of reminds me of Mars. I don't understand much how they regulate water, process food or even created the Pod but I guarantee you, this is not the world you could see yourself living in. And I think that what makes Breathe outstanding. Crossan wrote a novel that is not only very relatable, but one that stands out. I believe I've seen human's weakness high lighted such as greed that resulted this whole chaos as well as strengths such as resiliency and love.

The Resistance is a little bit confusing, though. I didn't clearly see the history of The Switch and why can they still do whatever they are doing when their resources are so limited. Plus the fact that there are Drifters who cannot go beyond several feel away from their solar-powered respirator survive without food is beyond my comprehension. These are some of the points I've noticed that didn't come in as strong as the other parts of the novel.

Three-way story narration hasn't been this fun. I loved how the scenes change because of the character's alternating point of views. I easily pictured each situations and surprisingly enjoyed the different flow of thoughts. Bea is such a very normal and typical young lady. She's studious, good friend and a submissive daughter. She's emotional and weak. In the world she lives in, she's not really expected to act like that but I guess Crossan's intention is to balance the character's personality because Alina is the tough one. She fights, she knows what she wants, she says what she has to say and she always  keeps her guard up. And I cannot blame Quinn for liking her in an instant. Aside from she's beautiful, she exudes confidence that Bea doesn't really possess. But I am glad Quinn isn't easily manipulated but he believes what is right and he's selfless in a way. He shows that he would give up everything for the sake of freedom and what he think is best for everyone even if it would cost him so much. And I hated what his dad said at the end.

Romance in the story isn't as heavy as what might have expected. This one has the right amount of it but with such intense because finally, I've seen a different approach. No love triangles or whatnot, no insta-love. It took time for it to develop and it is one of those romances that I would surely remember. It is not everyday that one notices that special friend who have been there all their life.

Breathe is a fast-paced, action-filled dystopian novel one would definitely enjoy. With the touch of possibilities its twists leave the mind and the picture of a dying world that tickles the imagination, you will surely ask for more. Crossan's debut novel is such a light yet heavy read all at the same time! Truly, a must read!

"In another world I think we would have been friends, son."

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