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I am again so happy to share with you my interview for this month's Author of the Month. I loved her debut novel and found it really intriguing and I am just so glad that SHE agreed to have this interview. Let me introduce you to

The interview goes something like this. Enjoy!
How did you come up with 'Something Strange and Deadly' to be the novel's title?
This such a fun story! I was brainstorming with my agents and editor (over sangria ;)), and we were goofing off--naming thoroughly absurd things--when one of the agents said, "What about something...Strange and Deadly?" She meant "something" as a "we'll insert a better word there", but we all loved the rhythm of "something" so much, we kept it! :D
The premise is set in 1876 and I loved the setting! What were your preparations for the novel? Did you travel?
I had to do a TON of research for every book in the series--before I wrote and then as I wrote. I definitely visited Philadelphia as well as Paris for book 2--and even Egypt for book 3! It's pricey, but also worth it in the end. Nothing tells you about a place quite like going there.

Look what came!!! EEEEK! ARCs for A DARKNESS STRANGE AND LOVELY! (source)
I am personally not a fan of love triangles. But in this novel, I actually caught myself hoping there would be one. What are your plans for Eleanor's love life?
Eleanor's love life ain't simple. Let's just put it that way. She and Daniel have a rocky road ahead of them, and though there's never a love triangle in the traditional sense of the word, there are other people that pop into Eleanor's life and interfere. I think readers will really enjoy the relationship complexities that crop up in later books. ;)
Eleanor's mother, honestly, is annoying! Is she inspired by someone you know? (Haha sorry I can't help it!)
No! Hahaha. I would never base a character specifically on someone I know. Characters are created based on how I see people behave and interact, but they're never tied down to one Real Person. And yes--Eleanor's mother is horrible. But you know you know people like her--I sure do!
How does it feel that you're debut novel has been a huge success?
Wonderful! Ha--I'm not sure "huge success" is quite the right term, but definitely "more than I expected and this is AMAZING" feels right. ;) I never expected to get this far with my writing, and it is absolutely a dream come true.
Have you ever received a fan mail which expresses negative things about the novel? If yes, what did you do?
Of course! That's just part of being an artist and putting your work out there. I usually delete these emails and don't reply--unless it's clear the writer wants a response. But even then, I don't need negativity in my life. I'm proud of what I create and I know it won't be for everyone. People forget that reading is SUBJECTIVE. Your cup o' tea isn't my cup o' tea--and that's totally okay!

Mowgli as he sleeps. This cat truly is the dumbest, laziest tabby in the world. But he's pretty darn cute too... (source)

Do you read reviews? How do you handle negative ones?
Absolutely NOT. I don't read good ones, bad ones, trade reviews, blogger reviews, or anything. I think most artists avoid that sort of outside input--it really affects the creative process. Even good reviews get in your head and make you doubt what you produce (X-reader LOVED the romance--did I do it right in book 2?!).

That said, I do read all fan mail. It's different if a reader writes to me with a specific comment, and the positive emails are so, so, SO heartwarming. They're what keep me going. :D

Are you a fan of Walking Dead? If yes, who is your favorite character?
DARYL. I love him so, so, SO much. Unggghhhh!
I know you're also into KDramas. My favorite is Endless Love, what is yours? Any recommendations?
I recently watched Flower Boy Ramen Shop and LOVED it. But my all time fave--without a doubt--is Coffee Prince. Gong Yoo is just too beautiful to handle.
Any message for your Filipino fans?
Thank you SO much for reading Something Strange and Deadly! I love you all so much, and maybe one day (fingers crossed!!), I can come see YOU all. Boy, that would be amazing, huh??

It this fun or what? I've enjoyed reading her questions so much as well as her book and I am looking forward to reading the sequel! Here are some information about the book! Grab your copy now!

Susan's Novels:

Something Strange and Deadly (Something Strange and Deadly #1)

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A Darkness Strange and Lovely (Something Strange and Deadly #2) 

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Please watch out for Something Strange and Deadly's sequel, A Darkness Strange and Lovely! Available July 3, 2013 from HarperTeen!

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