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Where I relive the experience and share all the feels before, during and after meeting these fantastic authors WHO ARE BASICALLY LIFE.

July 20, 2012 - an epic day for me so expect a long post here!

It has been almost a month since I've asked this question to Alyson Noel, author of the The Immortal Series among others. Truly, I've waited for this event because she's one of my fave authors. When she announced on Twitter that she will be signing here, (my blog post here) I immediately talked to my manager and filed for a leave just for this event.

Then the day came just like that. As if few weeks didn't pass at all. I arrived at PowerBooks GreenBelt 4 exactly 1PM for the registration and the series of photos would tell the story.

Yes, I arrived early and was able to register and I would be the 19th person to have my books signed. I was also the first person they allowed to sit at the event. Kwentillion also cooperated in the event aside from the bookstores and Shangrila Hotel. (I mentally noted that next book signing I'll attend, I'd dress up a little or maybe better because I had no idea that there would be cameras all over the place! LOL)

I didn't expect that a lot of people really do go to such events. I mean, aside from kids and young adults, I saw some grannies there, too! The staff were so busy fixing things from the chairs to the flash cards and though they look exhausted like me, smile never leaves their faces. At one point I was beginning to think that none of my friends would really make it, when Ralph just saved the day the last minute! And after 5 and a half hours of waiting, the anticipated event started: Alyson arrived!

This was during the interview part. She was asked so many questions and answered very straight-forward like how she wouldn't opt to be an immortal because it would mean goodbyes and she doesn't like that, she also gave tips to writers to hang in there because her first book took her 15 years (if I heard that part right) to finish especially she recommended Blake Synder's Save The Cat, that she and Ever Bloom have only one thing in common which is grief and that she enjoys Manila!

There.... The moment of truth. The second I told her I waited so long, she remembered my tweet and even asked if I was exhausted. Well, I told her a bit but it was worth it! This is I think the most surreal experience I've ever had in my book blogging life. Aside from meeting an awesome author and getting your books signed, she cared and was very enthusiastic in meeting her fans, plus she remembers! HAHA! I couldn't contain how happy I am and this event is just worth everything!

Now these are my signed books and as an aspiring book blogger, these are now valued twice as much as I've before HAHA seriously. It isn't everyday that you get to meet an awesome author you know! This is another fruit of a hard labor! (you know, braving the rain and waiting almost 6 hours and all that). Plus, these are the first ones I got signed (hopefully not the last).

After the signing, ofcourse I was still in cloud 9 and well, had a little chat with Ralph and bought some tea then called it a day. Up until the moment I reached home, I felt like I've accomplished something huge not only as a book lover but now, as a blogger! Is it too much? Happiness overload!

Thank you so much National Bookstore, Powerbooks Store, and Kwentillion for having Alyson here. Thank you Alyson for making time and cutting your vacation short just to see your fans here in Manila! Thank you, thank you! *wipes away the tears* HAHA!

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