Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Here are the books that I currently own!
I've been planning to make a post about my books because well, I wanted to see my collection here and I was inspired by TwistedCrap's post about hers. I don't have proper book cases YET because my brother's supposed to make me one and am still waiting, so I just organize these babies of mine on my wall shelves. So here are my books, again not much but these are my treasures.

Summit's pocketbooks. Local authors. Purchased them around 2005.
Couldn't find Vince's Life anywhere though, they may have stopped publishing it.
Paulo Coelho's. I love 11 minutes and Veronika.
Didn't finish reading Like the Flowing River, sorry but I got bored
A very inspiring Tuesdays with Morrie. I think most of us have this, right?
Old copies of Harry Potter 2, 4, 5 and 6. 1 and 3 were borrowed and never returned.
7 was supposed to be sent from US but something happened so
I purchased one locally but I couldn't find it anymore.
The Chronicles of Narnia. Haven't read any of it because I've seen the movies first.
The Twilight Saga. Twilight and New Moon were given by my ex,
I purchased Eclipse that's why print's a bit different. New Moon and Eclipse are
still sealed because I have Kindle copies. As for Breaking Dawn, am having a hard time
searching for the original cover. I have read the saga over 9 times and still loving the story!
New series I love: Fallen Series. The last book titled Rapture will be released next year.
This is another interesting love story: Luce and Daniel only see each other every 17 years
and when Daniel kisses her, she dies.
Should I say more? First book from A Song of Ice and Fire.
Latest books: The Kane Chronicles' Book 1: The Red Pyramid and
Book 2: The Throne of Fire.
Newest baby: The Heroes of Olympus series Book 1:
The lost Hero. Haven't started with this one yet.
But wanting the have Son of Neptune so bad.

My babies are growing LOL. I guess I would need to expedite getting a book shelf. Would one suffice? I doubt it! I've so many books to buy!

I don't have much but I still hope you enjoyed!

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