Tuesday, May 29, 2012


When I was in high school, reading was no longer my thing (it was when I was in grade school). It makes me sleepy and it eats so much time. I'd rather go outside and see my friends than to sit for hours to finish a text book or something. When it comes to projects or assignments, I rely on my classmates' notes and whatever my teacher's explaining. I'd WRITE down those keywords I think might appear on our exams but no one have seen me reading. No one. Ever. And that attitude I thought would be applicable for college.

My classmates were studious. Every day, their faces are buried under several thick text books and they're all busy taking down notes. They won't give a right answer during exams and they would hide their assignments so I couldn't copy. I thought they're selfish. I was like, I guess it's time to stop being lazy hehehe. So I did start reading.

*years later*
*Jumps to fiction*

The first novel I read was The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho. It wasn't too thick for me and I have to practice pronouncing words right so I thought it would be the best book to start with. At that time, I was having issues finishing it but when I got the gist of it, I got hooked. Since then, I never saw myself not reading especially these past year when I had the luxury to purchase books, it truly converted me. Why am I writing this? Aside from my very close friend PJ gave me an idea, it would also be another way to release tension. I admit that I buy books beyond my means but I really don't care. Books are addictive, to be honest. Yes, I am BOOKAHOLIC. I forget my pains and frustrations. It's as if I live in a very peaceful world. Books drive me away from my own insecurities and dilemma. I can get myself surrounded with fantastic world buildings, things that doesn't have the ability to hurt me. Anxietiy and struggles are washed down when reading and I complete get lost in the book. It's such a wonderful escape. Importantly, books keep me company. I always get intoxicated with hope instead of loneliness.

No rehabilitation center can cure me from being Bookaholic. I am PROUD that am on my 63rd book.

So forgive me if I hoard.

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