Wednesday, May 2, 2018


So umm finally, I have retrieved my Blogger password!! I can now finally blog OMG some publishers no longer approve my ARC requests maybe because they thought I've gone completely silent here! So imagine my big sigh of relief earlier when I found my credentials HAHA!

Anyway, this isn't a review because umm the titles says it all (but I will get to reviews shortly). I've been wanting to produce sticker for a while and when I say I while I mean since 2016 -- and last April 24th, I FINALLY DID IT!!! (I am only posting now because of me being dumb that I completely forgot my new password) OMG it was sooooo freaking surreal. It took me a while to draw and it took me an entire day (I am not exaggerating) to process everything. From scanning, laying out the illos in Photoshop, cleaning, laying out the stickers in print format, getting the correct color in prints (OMGGGGG THIS PROCESS IS CRAZY!!), testing prints in the sticker paper, cutting them out and finally packaging them. Seriously, it took me one whole day and extra muscle ache in the morning just to get these simple (but full of love) stickers.

This is the entire set of my first ever merch and I feel like a legit artist HAHA! Seriously, I have never done anything in my life - arts wise - that I put so much love and care like I did in this one. It isn't perfect but it's something I made because I loveeeeee what I do and how I did it. It made me happy, even more happier than selling them to be honest.

Love, Simon Sticker Flakes Set (just in time for the movie!)
Bookish set that my inner book blogger is so proud of!
Becky Books Illustration that my inner artist is flailing so hard for!
How the packaging looks like - this ,my children, is what my inner journalist (er?) is absolutely happy with!

Took a picture of the sets I sold (but wasn't able to take photos of the ones for Krish, Olivia and Erica) and I couldn't thank these "first set of clients" enough for reaching out and supporting my sticker shop. IT IS SO FUCKING VALIDATING I CANNOT BEGIN TO EXPLAIN IT. Especially when clients liked my stickersAnd I will say it again that I did put so much love in each envelope because I made everything by hand. That's something I would do over and over again because dude, the feels? UNBELIEVABLY DELICIOUS!

If you want to order, kindly DM me on IG. You can reach me via @tbbjournal or @tbbstoreph and I will gladly answer. Unfortunately international friends, my stickers are only available for shipping within Philippines. I haven't worked out how INTL shipping works haha but I am on it. Again, thank you for all the support!
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